World’s smallest siblings, Brad and Bridgette Jordan, in TLC series “Big Tiny”

Sister and brother Bridgette and Brad Jordan from TLC's new series Big TinyAt just 28 inches and 18 pounds, Bridgette Jordan held the Guinness Book of World Records for being the “world’s shortest living woman.” Known to friends and family as Bri, the 22-year-old and her younger brother, Brad, who is 38 inches and 35 pounds, are the focus of TLC’s new reality series Big Tiny, premiering Mondays at 10pm ET/9pm CT beginning Aug. 13.

Despite the fact that cameras have been following the Jordans for weeks while they go to school, shop around town and play their favorite sports, the world’s smallest living siblings are exceedingly shy when doing this media interview. “Bri’s really nervous about this,” confesses their mom, Christy, from their home in southern Illinois.

We do learn that Brad’s the messy one, and Bri’s the neat freak. Brad doesn’t watch a ton of TV but when pressed would probably pick Ghost Hunters as a favorite. Bri eventually pipes in and tells us she enjoys shows like Jersey Shore, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Cops. She’s a total “Twilight freak” and aligns with Team Jacob. Brad confesses he’s somewhat of a Call of Duty addict, although he quickly says, “I do go outside a lot” where he enjoys playing basketball and other sports. He’s also an exceptional gymnast, and they are both cheerleaders at their local college — Kaskaskia College.

“Bradley’s very undersized but he’s part of the drama team there, he’s part of the cheerleading team and he just takes off and does everything that everybody else does,” Christy shares. “Brad’s focus is in music and acting. Bri wants to do fashion design; she’s been taking some general courses because there’s not a fashion design degree.”

While height isn’t a challenge for intellectual study, Christy says it’s the average things in life that pose the obstacles. “Doing laundry, trying to get clothes into a washer where the washer is taller than you are and there’s no way you can reach the bottom. Cooking meals. Getting in and out of the refrigerator. Reaching for things at the grocery store. Some of it we don’t even think twice about, and then when you stop and think about it you see how hard those things really are for them.”

Sister and brother Bridgette and Brad Jordan are the world's smallest living siblings and are profiled on TLC's new series Big TinyBut Christy says it was a conscious decision to raise Bri and Brad in a “big person’s” world and not provide too many adjustments.

“When Brad came along [he’s two years younger than Bri], we realized we had to treat Bri just like she was an average-sized kid. There are things we can’t do and there are things that they can’t do and we had to make that a frame of mind. We embraced my older daughter [who is average height] and nieces to hold us in check with that. That’s what makes them realize it’s not an obstacle — you just have to figure if you can’t do it the same way everyone else does, we’ll have to figure out another way to make it work.”

And in the series you’ll see just how they do it.

“They don’t act like they’re little, they don’t realize they’re little and if you are around us long you’ll realize we don’t realize they’re little,” Christy says. “We just treat them like an average-size person. … They live in the big world, so we had to figure out how to live in the big world because the world’s not going to adjust for you.”