Late Add: Discovery’s “Mars Landing 2012”

It’s been one of the chief goals of NASA scientists’ efforts for years, and we’re at one of the most exciting points in the journey. The search for the answers to whether or not the planet Mars has had, or ever had, the chemical building blocks for life took a major step with the landing of Curiosity on the Martian landscape this past week. And Discovery Channel is rushing to sate the curiosity of viewers about the mission with a new special, Mars Landing 2012: The New Search for Life, premiering tomorrow, Aug. 11, at 7pm ET/PT.

In this special, a combination of feature television reporting, interviews and news updates will describe the science and technology developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab to bring the mission to life. No word yet on whether it will include any revelations about any findings on the surface of the Red Planet, but it will offer a solid overview on the life of this profoundly significant mission.

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