Disney’s “Code 9” allows kids to punk their parents

Disney Channel's new series Code 9 plays pranks on unsuspecting parentsParents, your worst nightmare has officially arrived. With all of the prank shows on TV nowadays, it was only a matter of time before some network came up with a opportunity for kids to embarrass their folks nationally. And thanks to Disney Channel, that nightmare comes in the form of Code 9 (tonight, 7:30pm ET).

I knew something was askew last week when my kids (ages 9 and 7) told me I had to sit down and watch “this cool new show” with them. They thought the idea of children making their mom and dad look silly was the funniest thing ever, so I reluctantly joined them believing I was going to see some cheaply-produced Punk’d knock-off. Boy, was I wrong.

Disney has spared no expense to ensure the most elaborate of tricks, which are pulled off using premiere special effects, professional actors and hidden cameras. Hosted by Wes Dening, Code 9 also relies on Hollywood’s best prosthetic make-up and costumes to put one family member undercover to enhance the gag even more.

In the episode I watched called “Golf Cart Dad,” a mother and her three kids set out to get the patriarch of the family by making him believe his clubs were blown up in a huge explosion caused by his cart drifting into a gas line. Not only does he believe he is being held accountable for the damage at the course, but one of the “workers” claiming it was his fault is actually his young daughter made up to look like an older man. (Note: Disney is re-airing this tomorrow at 9pm ET.)

I have to admit that I found myself laughing out loud several times, and it was especially rewarding because I got to experience it with my kids. However, I should point out that this show can also be appreciated by those without children. Every once in a while a network finds a program that’s entertaining across the board, and Disney has that in Code 9. In tonight’s episode entitled “Steal of a Deal,” a mom believes she has gotten a great deal on a car until authorities inform her it may be stolen.

I’ll be watching with my kids, who understand that they will never, ever watch TV again if I ever end up as a victim of the show.

You’re going to have to wait awhile for this one. Disney Channel tells us they are not accepting applicants as this season has officially wrapped. We’ll let you know the details for next season as we learn them.



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