DIY Network’s “Hollywood Builders: Total Recall” shows how the world of the blockbuster came to life

 Colin Farrell Total Recall

Why did Colin Farrell sleep overnight on the set of Total Recall? Could it be true that a set buyer who is able to shop with $100,000 a day might not have a dream job after all? These questions and more are answered in Hollywood Builders: Total Recall, a one-hour special premiering at 9 tonight on DIY Network.

Viewers will learn that it costs $10,000 a week just to keep the set flush in screws. Scenic artists will reveal how they made certain stunt props, like the one Farrell has to crash through in one dramatic scene. The movie’s stars are on hand to explain why the sets that viewers will see built are so important in establishing the world of Total Recall — a remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger extravaganza that opens Friday. Nearly 500 people worked to build the sets, and Hollywood Builders talks to some of them to learn the tricks of their trade in how they brought the futuristic world of the film to life.

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