Jenni Rivera’s daughter Chiquis is all grown up and “n Control”

“Being a Latina,” Janney “Chiquis” Marin told me during an interview at the TCA press tour last week, “you’re used to being cooped up and being protected up until you get married. Well, my mom and I made the decision that now it’s time for me to spread my wings and become a woman.”

During our interview, Chiquis certainly sounds confident and in control of where she wants her life to go, so it’s fitting that her new series is called Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis ‘n Control. The hourlong show is a spinoff from mun2‘s highest-rated and most popular original reality series, I Love Jenni, which features Chiqui’s mother, Latin superstar Jenni Rivera (and on which Chiquis was featured). Rivera serves as a co-executive producer on her daughter’s new series.


“It’s a show based on my life now,” continues Chiquis. “I have moved out of my house. I’ve left the nest. That’s huge in my life. I mean, it’s a huge transition. … So not only that, I just opened up my own business. It’s a salon — a blow-dry salon — in the city of Encino, called Blow Me Dry. So it’s been quite the experience. We just opened up; [July 24] was our first date open to the public.”

Chiquis ‘n Control shows viewers the process Chiquis took getting her business off the ground, from construction and decor to hiring the staff and running the operation.

But the show isn’t all business.

“[It follows] my personal and professional [lives], and I want to say love life, but I don’t know, we’ll see,” she says. “We have a couple more episodes, so maybe I’ll find a boyfriend in there somewhere!” [laughs]

As fans of I Love Jenni know, Rivera and her family are very close, and Chiquis reinforces that sentiment when she mentions that her mother and other family members will make appearances on Chiquis ‘n Control.

“Of course. My family’s my everything. I’m so family-oriented. So you’ll see my brothers and sisters. You’ll see my mom, you’ll see my stepdad, you’ll see my staff — my new family now. I’m ‘mama hen’ to all these girls, all kinds of different personalities. So you’ll see a little bit of everything on the show.”

Reflecting the network on which it airs, mun2, Chiquis explains that her show will feature a mix of Spanish and English, a combination that Chiquis says her younger generation of Hispanics generally uses to communicate (from some of the previews, there appear to be Spanish subtitles, as well).

“[It’s] why I love mun2 so much,” she says, “because it allows me to be myself. I was born in the United States, my family’s from Mexico, and it’s just like, mun2, that’s where I feel at home, I can speak my language. And then throw in a little ‘Spanglish,’ because that’s what we do.”

Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis ‘n Control airs Saturdays at 3pm ET on mun2 beginning July 28.


Photo: Chris Haston/mun2

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