“Beverly Hills Nannies” star Kristin Lancione talks about life in the spotlight

Kristin Lancione of ABC Family's "Beverly Hills Nannies"

Three weeks ago, Kristin Lancione was like most of the world. You know, those of us who go about our daily lives without being the star of our own TV show.

But that changed July 11 when Beverly Hills Nannies premiered on ABC Family. Lancione conceived the show as a behind-the-scenes look at those who help well-heeled 90210 families take care of their children. Since it’s been on the air, Lancione has received a lot more attention than she was used to, not to mention a heckuva lot more Twitter followers.

She dropped some tasty morsels about what sort of nanny drama we can expect in the coming episodes, as well as telling us what’s changed in her life — and what hasn’t — and what it’s like coming off “like a bitch”:

Channel Guide Magazine: How has your life changed since the show has been on the air? 

Kristin Lancione: Life is actually the same exact as it was three weeks ago. The paparazzi will snap me if they see me but it’s not like they are waiting outside my house or chasing me down. I was recognized in Vegas by a blackjack dealer and it was so funny. She said, “Hey. You’re that nanny. You kind of come off like a bitch on TV.” [Laughs] So I’m getting a lot of that. And also a lot of people will ask me how they know me and say I look familiar. I just say, “Sorry, wrong girl.” The hardest part has been the backlash from some castmates — a mother in particular who writes horrible things about myself and another nanny on Twitter. It’s like, “Grow up. Get a life. Leave us alone. We’re all on the same show.”

CGM: Any complaints as to how you or your friends are being portrayed?

KL: No complaints per se, just waiting for one nanny’s true colors to show. In real life she’s a pathological liar and I’m just praying the camera was able to capture that to paint the most realistic picture. With the other nannies and myself, I think the viewers are getting an exaggerated version of all of us, but we all knew that was to be expected.

CGM: What’s been your favorite moment so far of the first three episodes?

KL: Is it horrible that I don’t have one? I think my favorite moment is coming up in Episode 4!

CGM: What has surprised you so far about the experience of being on TV and having a show?

KL: The amount of fan support and also hatred online. I’ve never been that person to tweet mean things about someone I’ve never met so it’s surprising to me that people actually take the time to write negative things.

CGM: Can you tell us what kind of stuff we can expect in the episodes to come?

KL: Well there’s a lot more drama. Some old stuff that’s still lingering and some new stuff is brewing. The viewers will also get an inside look into some of the nannies’ love lives (including mine).

CGM: Are you planning to stay a nanny regardless of how successful the show might get, or what opportunities it might open up for you?

KL: You’ll have to keep watching for the answer to that one.

Photos: (Kristin Lancione) ABC Family/Bob D’Amico; (group shot) © 2012 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Credit: Greg Zabiliski


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