Viewers Voice Awards: 2012 Official Ballot

Channel Guide Magazine’s New Annual Awards Recognize The Best & Worst On Cable TV Determined By Viewers.

We’ve taken your nominations on favorite shows and networks from this year’s Reader Survey, and added a few categories of our own, to introduce our first Channel Guide Magazine Viewers Voice Awards. The awards are a fun way to call attention to and recognize new and different program categories, as well as celebrate your favorites. So now’s your chance to vote for the best and worst on cable TV! Below is the official ballot. You can vote as many times as you like.

Voting closes Friday, August 31 at midnight ET.

The survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated – results will be posted soon!


  1. U guys missed a couple of shows..
    My fair wedding with david tutera was my favorite show in this whole survey…
    But just want to say even thought it wasent in the survey.. Supernatural is still # 1 tv show ever!!

  2. Not much modern T.V is any good. What about classic shows? They exist, you know. And people do watch them, especially old-fashioned dinosaurs like me. But of course you conveniently leave out the older generations!

  3. A few good shows were mentioned, yet the majority of the shows are boring. In many I had to just pick one. Huge support for Hardcore Pawn.

  4. Was looking for comedy catagory – The Big Bang Theory is the best thing out there.

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