Priceline taps Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo for ads

Looks like has really buried William Shatner, as their most recent Priceline Theresa Caputo commercial features Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo contacting the famed Negotiator’s spirit. Although Shatner’s supposedly still under contract with Priceline, his commercial character the Negotiator met his demise earlier this year in the commercial “Last Deal,” when the tour bus he was riding on fell off a bridge, crashing and burning.

The most recent Priceline ads feature psychic medium Caputo doing a reading for the Priceline couple (the hilarious and long-running husband and wife characters) who survived the bus tragedy, where she connects with the Negotiator. “I”m feeling a very strong male spirit,” she says. Some fans of Caputo have challenged whether the ads damage her credibility, most likely referring to when the typical brash Long Islander suddenly sings — yes sings, which is sooo not something you’d expect from Caputo — “It’s the priceline ne-go-tia-tor” when making her spiritual contact.

Fans should know these ads have always been a fun mockery of sorts, and the self-deprecating Caputo is the perfect pick to keep the Negotiator character alive. And we want Shatner back!


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  6. Read the scriptures Theresa Caputo. I saw you on TV and you asked for your Rosary beads so I assume you are Catholic. They do not teach scriptures (God’s) word in that church system. If you have these powers, it is from Satan the bible says. When people die they go to hell or heaven there are no human spirits roaming earth just demons and good angels.You may be even possessed by a demon. The bible is full of examples of demon possession and exorcisms. You must get on your knees and ask God to forgive you, ask Jesus to save you and be Lord of your life. A supernatural thing will happen. God’s Spirit will enter and the demon have to leave. No one with the Holy Spirit in them can be possessed by demons. All people without the Spirit go to hell and is judged at the White Throne Judgment seat- Revelation 20, that is you riight now. God strictly forbid what you are doing (Leviticus 22:18). Great judgment for you if you do not repent because you have been told. We are talking eternity

    • i dont mean to be nasty or mean but marion gall away; um…. you need to go see a spiritual healer and I feel sorry for you because you were obviously raised by ext. neurotic parents. i hope you get some peace. theresa is the real deal. the bible is just a book dear.

  7. I find the ad humorous. Yes, she is using cleansing tools, but it is funny. And I totally believe her. She is over the top, but so what?? It is her personality. The commercial doesn’t change the gift she has. and neither does anyone’s disbelief. If you dont’ like her, I would suggest you don’t watch her show. And if you take offense, you need to get a sense of humor.

  8. I luv her Theresa Cupito if no one believes in her then
    go read a book and don’t worry
    About a women who has gift to help others I live
    In georgia I don’t care how long it takes to see her
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    For me and my husband -I have a lot of faith in
    Her and if anybody disrespects her gift needs
    Get a life AND quite worrying about hers if u don’t
    Like a person u don’t know and judging her u r not god
    Don’t watch her-and if u feel she is fake maybe u need
    To take a look at yourself and find some flaws
    That u got going on so don’t hate appreciate
    There is a lot of good in her gift-ESP-in this world
    We live in but I’m very thankful that god put her
    Her on this earth to find some kind of closer for loved
    Ones- and I will wait for my appt and I’m team
    THRESA CUPOTO-long Island Medium -I have your
    Back all the way from KJORDAN

  9. I was disappointed to see the priceline ad. It cheapened both Theresa and the gift has says she has. Now how do we know that the entire show is not scripted?
    I was a very ardent fan of her show but now will not be watching this season.

    • This is to Kelly who wrote review in aug-
      Don’t hate appreciate- ms Kelly the native America
      If u r downing someone u don’t even know
      U must be bored with your life if u have to worry
      About hers-she did nothing to u-if u don’t like what
      She does – do u have a closet clean it out. And
      While u r doing that if u r still by the closet if so
      U need hang this up -and u don’t understand
      That find someone else to talk about and your
      Neg reviews r not hurting in the run it will hit u
      That god does not bless mess and honey u r a mess
      Remember KARMA does exist u need Jump in
      A pool of holy water may god bless u
      From team thresa

  10. Being a native american I don’t appreciate having our ways being mocked for fun, this medium chick must be a fake because the tools she is using to supposedly speak with the dead are for cleansing…..

    • u dumb dumb she isn’t using that as a tool to speak to the dead. wow you need to use your brain dear. she uses it to cleanse. that is all. cleanse the area of any negativity and then she reads. wow do some research.

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