New VH1 series shines spotlight on moms who refuse to grow up

New VH1 series "Mama Drama"

The latest in bad-parenting television brings us Mama Drama, a new VH1 docuseries from the folks responsible for Jersey Shore. The series showcases the relationship between party moms and their BFF daughters.

June Cleavers they are not: These mothers embody a so-called 15/50 mentality — they have the bodies of grown women, but want to act like teenagers. They cling to youth through their young adult daughters — dressing like them, going out to the clubs with them and making drunken nightlife decisions alongside them.

So, really, what could be trashier better than putting a bunch of these outrageous ladies and their daughters under one roof, Bad Girls Club-style, and letting the fur fly? Just imagine all the hair-pulling catfights, bar-time bawling and tequila-soaked shrieks of “Don’t you talk about my mama like that!”

There won’t be a host to guide the women through this 10-episode social experiment, or a therapist to heal them when the tears dry. The five mother-daughter sets have to confront their lifestyle choices and evaluate the line between parent and playmate for themselves, in what is sure to be a highly dramatic and superficial fashion.

Unfortunately, if the stomach-turning success of Snooki and “The Situation” is any indication, this vapid series will likely appeal to a shocking number of people — and seriously tick off the rest of us.

Mama Drama premieres Wednesday, July 18 at 11pm ET on VH1