VOD Spotlight: The gang returns for more “Pie” in “American Reunion”

There’s almost always a risk in going for the second or third sequel in a film series. Audiences have become jaded against the quick cash-in, and are quick to anticipate a depreciation in quality. But it’s been nine years since we last checked in with the American Pie gang, and it’s safe to say that things aren’t going to be the same for most of them. In American Reunion, we’re brought up to date with what’s going on in the lives of that randy bunch, now in their 30s. Writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, who penned the Harold & Kumar films — and directed the second installment — had the task of conjuring where the American Pie characters’ individual story trajectories ended up. 

“Last time we saw Jim and Michelle, they got married,” Hurwitz says. “Now we see they have a child and are dealing with the issues that brings about — whether it’s a lack of closeness or, in their case, a lack of sex. Stifler peaked in high school. Back in the day, he was throwing the parties. Now he’s a temp and getting yelled at by the guy he would’ve picked on in high school. He’s no longer in touch with the friends and is a bit lonely.

“Oz has become a big success,” Hurwitz continues. “He’s a sportscaster and has been on Celebrity Dance-Off. He has a beautiful-but-crazy girlfriend, but he’s missing the comforts of home. Kevin is happily married, but his life is neutered. … He feels like he needs excitement, and this reunion weekend brings that. Finch — well, we all have that one friend from high school who falls off the grid.”

It’s a testament to the series’ success that it continuously touches its audience with experiences they’ve had in some form or other themselves. “One of the great things about the American Pie franchise is that it speaks to moments everyone can relate to,” producer Craig Perry says. “We’ve come to know and love this specific group of characters because they’ve gone through situations we can all identify with, but the outcome with them is always much funnier and more outrageous. I think that’s the reason these movies have always been fan favorites and have become something of classics.”

American Reunion is available starting July 10 on Video On Demand. Check your cable system for availability.


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