Twitter reacts to Andy Griffith’s passing

RIP, Andy Griffith. The legendary actor passed away today at the age of 86, leaving behind an incredible body of work and plenty of memories for scores of fans.

As with many celebrity passings, Twitter was abuzz today with people expressing their emotions. There was a mix of nostalgia (especially from people of a certain generation, who grew up with Griffith’s most famous TV work, The Andy Griffith Show), sadness, wistfulness at remembering the type of wholesome entertainment his work often represented, and respect for Griffith’s total skill as an actor, not just in comedy roles (many people brought up his mesmerizing dramatic performance in 1957’s A Face in the Crowd, which will be shown as part of TCM’s memorial tribute on July 18). A few fellow luminaries from North Carolina (from which Griffith hailed) weighed in on his importance to the state.

Here are some of the memorable tweets that went out today in tribute to and memory of Andy Griffith. Tweets are presented [sic]:

Frank Caliendo (comedian) — “RIP Andy Griffith. Sometimes I wish the world was as simple as it used to be in Mayberry.”

Frank Conniff (comedian) — “I feel very fortunate to have grown up not on Trump or Snookie or Kardashians, but on Andy Griffith. Rest In Peace.”

Kay Hagan (U.S. Senator for North Carolina) — “Andy Griffith was great man who embodied southern hospitality & put North Carolina on map by making Mayberry famous. He will be missed”

Ron Howard (costarred with Griffith on The Andy Griffith Show)  — “Andy Griffith His pursuit of excellence and the joy he took in creating served generations & shaped my life I’m forever grateful RIP Andy”

Ralph Macchio (actor) — “Take a moment and whistle ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ theme today – finger snap optional – RIP Andy Griffith”

Andie MacDowell (actress) — “staying positive and sharing joy … Andy Griffith will always be remembered for bringing us all peace and wholesome entertainment”

Scotty McCreery (American Idol Season 10 winner, from North Carolina) — “RIP Andy Griffith.. We lost a legend today that provided me and my family some great quality time around the tv filled with some good laughs”

Morgan Spurlock (filmmaker) — “RIP Andy Griffith, 1 of our most underrated actors, watch him as Lonesome Rhodes in A Face in the Crowd, my fave movie”

Kurt Sutter (creator of Sons of Anarchy) — “grew up with this guy. if you’ve never seen griffith in kazan’s, face in the crowd, watch it. far cry from mayberry.”

TV Land — “We are so saddened to hear about the loss of Andy Griffith, a cherished member of our @tvland family. He will be greatly missed 🙁 #RIP”

Darrell Waltrip (NASCAR driver) — “There is no joy in Mayberry today, Andy Griffith has gone to be with the Lord, RIP.”