ABC Family shows what life and work is like for “Beverly Hills Nannies”

We’ve seen how the real housewives of the rich and powerful live, but what about the hired hands who help make their lavish lifestyles possible? That’s where Beverly Hills Nannies comes in.

The brainchild of Kristin Lancione, herself a nanny who runs her own nanny placement agency, the real-life ABC Family series — which airs Wednesdays beginning July 11 — will follow nine people who either work for or are trying to work for well-heeled families in La-La Land.

Getting families to participate in the series was difficult, Lancione says, because there was no intent on pulling punches in the portrayals.

“There are situations where maybe a nanny thinks the family is being a little snobby or the kids are being a little bratty,” she says. “We all love our families that we’re with, and we’re treated with respect, but there’s a fine line and sometimes we really are considered the help and we’re asked to do some outrageous tasks.”

Among the families included are those of model/actress Cindy Margolis (a.k.a. the “Most Downloaded Woman of 1999”), and Lindsay Faulk, who is currently separated from NFL Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk.

Lancione says most of the nannies on the show are longtime friends, and that she’s excited to see for herself all the stories they tell her about their on-the-job experiences. One of the nannies, Justin Sylvester, also bills himself as a “ladysitter,” a term that even Lancione has trouble defining.

“That’s what Justin has named himself,” she says. “You know, I don’t really know what a ladysitter does. I think it’s just a woman’s personal assistant. I’m still a little baffled. That’s kind of how he wants to leave it. He is a character. Justin’s really going to be the breakout star of this show.”

Viewers will also get to see what the nannies are up to after work, and Lancione hints that how they spend their downtime might surprise some people.

“I think that people will be surprised to see that nannies can also let loose and have a good time,” she says. “It’s not like we’re Mary Poppins. We’re human. We’re not perfect. Stuff happens.”

Photo: Beverly Hills Nannies stars Justin Sylvester, Lucy Treadway, Kristin Lancione, Amanda Averill and Scott Cartmill.  © 2012 Disney Enterprises Credit: Bob D’Amico

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  1. ABC Family are smart enough to put CIndy Margolis and her family in the show’s headline instead of the other women who haven’t accomplished anything of substance other than marrying rich men or being born into a rich family or a novelty same sex couple. Why ABC Family would glorify these other women for “needing” nannies is pathetic. Cindy Margolis made a name for herself before she got married, and no doubt will survive without a man’s money. Hurray for her! If only these others who were cast for this show were that kind of woman then this ridiculous show would actually be worth watching

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