TLC showcases America’s Worst Tattoos

A tattoo of Benjamin Franklin considered one of "America's Worst Tattoos" in TLC special

“I’m covered in stupid,” admits one tattooed twenty-something blonde, as she gives a self-confessional on the lack of logic that went into the tattoos that cover her arm, back, hip and rib cage. Clearly an understatement, but that’s the draw to TLC’s latest special America’s Worst Tattoos, premiering in two back-to-back episodes on Thursday, June 21 at 10pm ET/PT.

Ask just about any tattoo artist about their billion-dollar industry and they will admit that getting a girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, even your wife or husband’s name, tattooed on your body isn’t a smart move because breakups and divorces do happen, but this isn’t a show about pointing out or removing the obvious. Instead, TLC has collected a number of disgruntled individuals who believe they have the worst tattoo. Then they give them a forum to explain what the hell they were thinking when they got it.

Take for example, Amanda, a young girl who agreed to let her friend-at-the-time Jason give her a homemade tattoo. What she thought was going to be a cute version of “My Little Pony” on her lower back, turned out to be a black etching of what she described and shows as “My Little Penis.” She, fortunately, was one of the lucky participants who got to have her tattoo transformed into a new masterpiece by skilled artist Mike Pinto from Denver.

Tattoo artist Megan Massacre

Another amazing cover-up was done by NY Ink’s tattoo artist, Megan Massacre, who took a complex Insane Clown Posse tattoo that was on the shin of a guy named Will and turned it into his favorite childhood toy, a transformer. Will had gotten the tattoo at age 16 and for years had wanted to “cut his frickin’ leg off” because he hated it so much. He was overwhelmed with the piece of art Megan designed for him.

But not everyone featured gets a transformation; in fact, most of the program is just a show and tell of sorts with some unusual and very candid individuals. Whether it’s the guy who fell asleep at a tattoo parlor only to wake up with way more ink than he had imagined to the sprightly Corrine who gives way too much info on the rationale behind the demon baby tattoo that sits on her ass. Overall, it’s a fun, odd look at the people and the tattoos that they really, really regret.

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  1. i defiantely need a spot on this show. i was 17 and trying to be a rebel and got an independent star tattoo on my hip…it literally involves four GIANT independent stars…better known as nautical stars on my hip….i dont even know how i can call them stars they are all crooked,mismatch and the worst “straight” lines i’ve ever seen. i defiantely have THE WORST TATTOO IN THE WORLD!!!

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