“The Aquabats” finish Season 1 with a little help from “Weird Al” Yankovic

As the debut season on The Aquabats Super Show closes, M.C. Bat Commander (a.k.a. Christian Jacobs) can sum up his feelings in four words. “Wow! We did it!”

In “ShowTime,” the wacky quintet faces off against a nefarious alien enemy bent on destroying the world. While they see it as a chance to prove their awesomeness to a doubting world, another superhero, Super Magic Power Man, looks like he’s going to ruin their chances once again. “Weird Al” Yankovic — whom Jacobs says he met on the set of Yo Gabba Gabba, then in line at a Pixies concert — guest stars as Super Magic Power Man, marking the parody master’s second appearance on the series. He played the President back in April, but Jacobs hints that he might just be playing the same character this time as well.

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It’s a rare hint Jacobs is willing to give about the finale, other than to say it does end on a cliffhanger. I’ll only add that it’s an out-of-this-world cliffhanger, and let you see the rest for yourself this Saturday at 11am on The Hub.

The Aquabats — also comprised of EagleBones Falconhawk (Ian Fowles), Crash McLarson (Chad Larson), Jimmy the Robot (James Briggs) and Ricky Fitness (Richard Falomir) — have gained a cult following since they started playing concerts back in 1994. Jacobs says the goal was to make a show that appealed to the diehard Aquabats fans, but would also welcome a wider audience.

“We wanted to stay true to the fans and people that helped us get to this point,” Jacobs says. “We didn’t want to totally make a left turn and do something completely different than what we had been doing, because we felt an obligation to our [fans] to do what we’d been doing, and deliver on promises that we’ve been making for years, that we were going to make a show for them. But it’s not just for them, it’s also for kids of all ages and parents and grandparents. We’re getting good feedback from everybody. It’s been a dream come true, literally.”

Photo: Courtesy of The Hub

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