Pirates! Poachers! Sharks! The dangers of “Diamond Divers”

Spike’s “Diamond Divers” (June 20, 10pm ET) follows a nautical crew that mines for diamonds off South Africa’s dangerous Skeleton Coast.

Diamond Divers Vs. Diamond Poachers
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On Wednesday, June 20, at 10pm ET, Spike premieres the new reality adventure series Diamond Divers, which follows a nautical crew from Washington state that mines for diamonds off South Africa’s dangerous Skeleton Coast. It’s not just a scary name — the waters are some of the roughest on Earth, with unpredictable weather, sharks and poachers at every turn. The crew is contracted by a marine diamond mining mining and exploration company to target an area spot thought to have a hidden bounty of diamonds in the ocean floor trenches. As you might expect, it takes a certain kind of personality to risk this much danger, and the crew has no shortage of colorful characters:

Captain John: The hirsute captain of the vessel rides a Harley-Davidson and enjoys big-game hunting.
Jason: First mate and son of Captain John. Jason is hot-tempered like his father and the two often don’t see eye to eye.
J.R.: An ex-Marine who is an expert mechanic and can rig up devices like MacGuyver.
Marty: The mohawked expert diver who sometimes has a problem taking orders.
Sam: Marty’s best friend, also an expert diver.
Doc: The ship’s medic (go figure) and cook, the oldest and wisest crew member.

The danger starts early in the premiere episode, “Pirates, Poachers, and Thieves,” as Captain John must fend off — using only flares and harsh language — diamond poachers encroaching on their waters.

Photo: Credit: Spike

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