A&E doles out “Cajun Justice”

If you wish your average episode of COPS had a bit more voodoo and oppressive humidity thrown in, then A&E may have the series for you. Cajun Justice, which premieres at 10 tonight, follows the sheriff’s office that patrols Louisiana’s Terrebonne Parish south of New Orleans. It’s a swampland where Sheriff Vernon Bourgeois yields an unusual amount of power thanks to the state’s Napoleonic law, and many of the residents hold to superstitions tied to creatures and spirits they believe roam the area.

Photo: © Zach Dilgard


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  1. i worked down there during the oil spill and i met a lot of really nice friendly people. they helped me on many occassion when i did not know the area. the show did not show the real true majority of the residents there. good move, shows that even the so called dumb coonasses can still have the last word in a situation.

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