Discovery Channel’s “Fast n’ Loud” ready to peel off the line

Most of us have at some point or other driven past a garage or farm where, somewhere on the premises, a neglected, rusted-out old car sits. Usually we’ll think to ourselves, “That must have been a great car back in its day,” or maybe, “Would be nice if they’d restore it, or if at least someone would.” Well, someone is out there, and they’re coming to Discovery Channel in a new car restoration series, Fast n’ Loud, premiering Wednesday, June 6 at 10pm ET/PT.

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann, the two gents at the center of Fast n’ Loud, are passionate auto restoration geeks who run Dallas-based Gas Monkey Garage. Rawlings, the garage’s owner, is a Fort Worth native who might just have motor oil in his veins. Not only did he own three hot rods by the time he’d graduated high school, but he even took a bullet in the ’90s fending off a carjacker who tried to steal his ’65 Mustang 2+2 Fastback. Kaufmann, a self-taught born mechanic with the vision and drive to make things his own way, took to hot rod work with ease.

In Fast n’ Loud, these two set about finding their quarry amid the highways and byways of Texas, searching in barns and fields, swap meets and anywhere else a potentially sweet ride might be found. But once the deal has been struck and the wheels are back at Gas Monkey Garage, the real work begins as the two race to design and restore the coolest hot rod they can in the shortest amount of time and sell it for a premium at auction. Time and money are exceedingly valuable commodities at Gas Monkey, and the Fast n’ Loud guys can’t afford to give up much of either if they want to keep the business open and doing the work they love.


Video: Discovery Channel