“Dog the Bounty Hunter” cancelled by A&E

Well, it looks like all of the “Will they or won’t they return” drama surrounding various members of the Chapman family has come to a “Nobody will” conclusion.

Though the network has yet to make an official statement, Variety is reporting that A&E will not order additional new episodes of its long-running Dog the Bounty Hunter, which launched the mullet-embracing, shirt-eschewing Duane “Dog” Chapman and his fugitive-hunting family to stardom over 8 seasons and nearly 250 episodes beginning in 2004.

In a family statement  issued by the Chapmans’ attorney Marty Singer and Tweeted out by Chapman’s daughter Baby Lyssa Chapman, Dog and his wife Beth Chapman said, “This has been a great ride for 8 seasons and we would not be where we are today but for our loyal and dedicated fans. We are about to start a new chapter, and an announcement will be made sooner rather than later. You can’t keep a good Dog down.”

Speculation about the fate of the series has been on-going for several years and intensified earlier this year after Chapman’s son Leland Chapman announced his exit from the series to launch a number of bounty-hunting-related enterprises.

The final new episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter will air beginning June 2 on A&E.

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  1. I have been a faithful viewer of Dog The Bounty Hunter since it began, and was so disappointed to hear of its cancellation. Now they are back in their new series on CMT, and I am overjoyed. I just love the whole Chapman family, and will take them any way I can get them !

  2. We love the show and have missed seeing new episodes. Will Duane Lee, Baby Lisa, and young blood be in the new series? Cant wait to start watching again

  3. At my advance age I never thought I would be attached to a TV show but Dog the Bounty Hunter touched me. It’s focus on family and God are important in today’s world. Shame A & E fails to see that.

  4. Dog the bounty hunter was the only good show on a&e. I miss them terribly, such a great loving family. I will just have to bite the bullet and pay for cable to watch them.

  5. to the whole chapmam family
    I love your show I miss young blood only see him on
    the repeats. when are you all coming to Pa?


  6. The only good show left on a an e now is re runs of criminal minds. Duck dynasty is a good filler. The rest is garbage.

  7. I’m Asking Viewsers To Boycott A&E Because Of The Cancellation Of Dog The Bounty Hunter.

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