Animal Planet’s “Monster Week” begins tonight

From May 21-28, Animal Planet will showcase legendary and not-so-legendary monstrous creatures with episodes of some of its popular shows, such as River Monsters, Finding Bigfoot and Call of the Wildman, along with a couple of new specials, during a programming stunt it is calling Monster Week. Monster Week lineup is listed after the video; all times are ET/PT.

May 21: River Monsters — “Pack of Teeth” (8pm); “American Killers” (9pm). In “Pack of Teeth,” Jeremy Wade goes to southern Africa to investigate rumors of a deathly fish that lurks in the vast, crocodile-filled swamps of the Okavango delta. Then, in “American Killers,” Wade treks across the United States in search of deadly river monsters living in the nation’s waterways.

May 22: Call of the Wildman — The “Beast Of” Special (8pm; also repeats May 26 at 8pm). Before new episodes of Call of the Wildman start up again on June 3, this one-hour special will feature the best “live action” from Ernie Brown Jr.’s (“Turtleman”) adventures on the series so far.

May 22: River Monsters — “Invisible Executioner, Unhooked” (9pm). Some of Jeremy Wade’s most incredible stories aren’t the ones captured on film. This episode offers tips, tales and behind-the-scenes buzz from the River Monsters episode “Invisible Executioner.”

May 22: River Monsters — “Killer Weapons” (10pm). Jeremy Wade’s hunt for the monsters lurking in secret underwater lairs reveals a vault of specialized weaponry. Wade relives the battles where only steadfast determination can overcome the armory of these creatures.

May 23: Man-Eating Super Croc (8pm). A man-eating crocodile terrorizes a village in the Philippines, taking the lives of a young girl and a fisherman. A team of hunters is determined to save the village and capture the beast, but not all of the men will make it back alive from the hunt.

May 23: River Monsters — “Phantom Assassin, Unhooked” (9pm). Behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the “Phantom Assassin” episode.

May 23: River Monsters — “Lethal Legends” (10pm). Jeremy Wade distinguishes fact from fiction and relives his creepiest encounters.

May 24: Swamp Wars — “Monster in the Backyard” (8pm) A 13-foot python is found in a neighborhood pool on Christmas morning.

May 24: River Monsters — “Russian Killer, Unhooked” (9pm). Behind the scenes of the filming of the “Russian Killer” episode.

May 24: River Monsters — “The Deadliest Encounters” (10pm). Jeremy Wade relives some of his near-misses to uncover just how many lives he has lost trying to satisfy his passion for discovering the truth about river monsters.

May 25: Finding Bigfoot — “Further Evidence: Baby Bigfoot” (8pm). In this special episode, the team recounts one of its most popular expeditions — the search for a baby Bigfoot. In Upstate New York, they investigated evidence of an alleged baby Bigfoot, and now, the team revisits its expedition and the tactics it used to investigate the elusive creature.

May 25: River Monsters — “Mongolian Mauler, Unhooked” (9pm). Behind the scenes of the “Mongolian Mauler” episode.

May 25: River Monsters — “Untold Stories” (10pm). In this behind-the-scenes episode, Jeremy Wade opens up and reveals some of the funniest, craziest and scariest monster moments that have never seen the air until now.

May 26: Call of the Wildman — The “Beast Of” Special (encore, 8pm)

May 26: River Monsters — “Asian Slayer” (9pm). When Jeremy Wade travels to India’s Himalayas to investigate grisly river attacks, he’s surprised to learn that the suspected culprit is a sacred animal, and locals believe that he will be cursed for life if he touches it.

May 26: River Monsters — “Killer Sharks & Rays” (10pm). In this special edition, Jeremy Wade relives his encounters with some of the fearsome sharks and rays that swim in from beyond the surft.

May 27: River Monsters — “Deadliest Catfish” (8pm). Jeremy Wade relives some of the most bizarre catfish tales, from catfish that electrocute prey to ones that attack humans’ private parts.

May 27: Mermaids: The Body Found (9pm; repeats May 28 at 7pm). This two-hour special enhanced by CGI is a story about an evolutionary possibility tied to scientific theory, postulating what would happen if it was discovered that humans had evolutionary ties to mermaids.


May 28: Mermaids: The Body Found (encore, 7pm).

May 28: River Monsters — “Lair of Giants” (9pm). The Season 4 finale is a two-hour look into one of the most challenging expeditions of Jeremy Wade’s life. He travels to the isolated and untouched jungles of Guyana, South America, where early explorers wrote about a river system filled with mysterious giants.


Credit: Animal Planet


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  1. si algun momento o algun dia llegan a pasar la 4 temporada de monstruo de rio en SUDAMERICA, entonces les hare mi comentario.Y hay algo que no entendi bien de lo que dijo el señor wade de que porque no vino a SUDAMERICA A PESCAR,se que conoce BRASIL segun sus palabras pasa bastante tiempo en este pais,pero me sorprendio cuando dijo no conocer ARGENTINA,CHILE, PARAGUAY,URUGUAY,DIJO QUE HACE 15 que pasa tiempo en BRASIL,tampoco se lo conocia mucho a el y de loque hacia,se lo tenia mas a IRWIN que a el señor wade,pero cuando exploto en las redes sociales y se volvio mas mediatico, su show, pues ahi se supo y le prestaron mas atencion, como sera que no lo conocian que llegaron a tal punto de confundirlo con un coreagrafo que tiene el mismo nombre y apellido en un pais de SUDAMERICA, mas tiene habilidad ya comprobada el señor wade con los anzuelos, y cañas de pescar,y con toda clase d monstruo de rio, pero a la hora de las preguntas no se MUEVE COMO PEZ EN EL AGUA, el señor wade, parco, reacio,escueto,esquivo como los peces que intenta atrapar.Si supiera que no todas las personas somos malintencionadas al preguntar, o tal vez este muy acostumbrado a hablarle a los peces,que crea que no es necesario responder.SI LEE ESTE COMENTARIO QUE BIEN,Y SINO ME DA IGUAL.

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