Howard Stern perfect fit for NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”

America's Got Talent

People can talk all they want about Britney Spears and Demi Lovato joining The X Factor or whether Jennifer Lopez will be back for a third season of American Idol, but the most relevant judging hire in a very long time was adding Howard Stern to the panel of America’s Got Talent.

That’s both a compliment to Stern and a criticism of his predecessor Piers Morgan, who came across as an elitist hellbent on making the show about something it wasn’t. Stern comes in realizing that America’s Got Talent is about novelty and finding an act like no other reality program.

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Sure, Stern can take some getting used to, but anybody expecting  to see his shock-jock schtick was either going to be sadly disappointed or pleasantly surprised. Sure, there are the token genital references and some inappropriate comments. We knew he wouldn’t be able to completely leave his potty mouth at the stage door, and he made that clear from the beginning.

“These NBC executives must be out of their minds taking a risk on me,” he said after being introduced. “They should be fired immediately.”

The flip side, though, is that he can be very endearing, as evidenced by his comment to a dance group that performed in the dark with illuminated costumes: “This is going to sound sappy. We are the greatest country in the world. You are everything that makes America great.”

And as refreshing as it was to see Stern show a softer side, it was fortunately the exception rather than the rule. While he has no problem complimenting good performances, the highlight of his first two shows was watching the quick wit that made him famous.

Here are some of the funnier comments he made this week:

–To a guy wearing tight pants: “I had a lot of hope for you … I was really rooting for you … I wanted to see some magic and all I saw was a guy with his pants off … and a rather small package.”

–To an untalented contestant who said his parents are no longer living: “Did they die of embarrassment?”

–To a little person in a group of dancers: “The little person in the front there, I love how your buttocks looks in that outfit. It’s perfect.”

–To a man wearing strange makeup and a helmet: “The minute I saw you I knew I was going to hate you.”

–To a teenage boy who performed a balancing act: “I can’t stand that you’re more ripped than me, and you’re only a 17-year-old punk.”

–To a female singer in a skimpy outfit: “The dancing wasn’t good, the singing wasn’t good, but the Supergirl underpants are fantastic.”

–To an overweight male dancer: “I was hoping [fellow judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne] would hit the buzzer on you, because you looked like you were going to have a heart attack. You would think with this kind of aerobic activity, you’d be a little more svelte.”

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  1. Positive comments about Howard Stern remind me of the old Saddam Hussein days, when the press was trying to paint him as a good guy, showing him swimming in the river with his grandkids, smiling and laughing. Geez, what a nice old murdering dictator. Sure, almost everybody has some humane moments, some laughs, some ordinary hours of their lives. You have to. That does not in any way excuse the horrors they commit.

  2. If you approved of Stern, even this toned down version, it just shows how far your own standards have fallen, or how low they’ve always been. We don’t want our families watching this old pervert refer to contestants “packages.” You didn’t mention his asking which of the 12-yr-old dance contestants had “hooked up” with the others in their group. Sharon is clearly appointed his mother for the show, and she quickly shut him up and moved the show away from his mouth. Give Stern a few more weeks. He already seems to see himself as the bell of the ball. His tongue will loosen up, that check on his libido and ego will burst, and you’ll see the old Stern asking the girls to take off their bras so he can feel their breasts.

  3. Now the rest of the world sees what an incredible talent, appealing to all demographics Stern is. He’s totally reinvigorated AGT, is hysterical, caring to the cast, contestants and audience. And all this while still maintaining his amazing radio show on Sirius and his Howard VOD channel. This from a regular dentist who’s enjoyed his work for nearly 30 years.

  4. Of coruse he’s a perfect fit, he’s creepy, Sharon Osborn is married to the creepiest man on the planet, and that bald head and soul patch makes Howie look creepy. Yep, perfect fit…and creepy

    deep inside of him there is a certain feeling.

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