New “Call of the Wildman” episodes — Turtleman meets Hogman, takes part in a bachelor auction, and more


Animal Planet recently announced that Call of the Wildman, starring Ernie Brown Jr. (a.k.a. “Turtleman”) would be back with new episodes on Sundays starting June 3. The network recently gave some details about what some of the first few episodes will be about, and they sound very interesting, to say the least. In one, Turtleman meets “Hogman” in Louisiana, and the two search for wild hogs. And in another, Turtleman becomes a prized bid at a charity bachelor auction!

“Miner Threat” — June 3, 10pm. When a beaver begins chewing up the wooden support beams of a rural coal mine, Turtleman gets the call. When he arrives, Turtleman realizes the beaver means business. Later, a tornado rips through the countryside, resulting in a runoff of lethal chemicals in a turtle-filled pond, leading Turtleman on a rescue mission to save the snappers.

“Killer at Shaker Village” — June 3, 10:30pm. Kentucky’s Shaker Village features a sanctuary for migrating birds. But when the birds mysteriously begin to disappear, Turtleman suspects some sort of blood sacrifice. He and his crew must identify the critter responsible for the attacks and remove it to a safer location. Later, a Kentucky family enlists Turtleman to save its home from a pair of flying squirrels.

“Mayhem Mansion” — June 10, 10pm. A hedgehog turns up dead at a local petting zoo, when the only shred of evidence a pair of tooth marks on its neck. Turtleman must seek out the vampire-like perpetrator and restore the petting zoo as a haven for children. Then, local realtors planning an elaborate open house for a historic Kentucky  mansion are unaware of a possum on the property with a passion for pastries. Can Turtleman catch the vermin before guests arrive?

“The Bachelor” — June 10, 10:30pm. The Second Chances charity bachelor auction has a special treat for its bidders when Turtleman shows up as the prize of the party. Three lucky ladies pool their money and win a date with Turtleman, but of course, it’s no ordinary dinner and a movie. After taking a quick call about a pesky skunk raiding a local honey farm, Turtleman meets the three women for an afternoon out at one of his favorite haunts — a pond full of vicious snapping turtles.

(June 17 episodes TBA)

“New Orleans Live Action” — June 24, 10pm. Turtleman is back in Louisiana, and he’s teaming up with John “Hogman” Schmidt to tackle a wild hog problem. Hogman’s client, Tommy, is a real-estate developer dedicated to continuing the city’s recovery following Hurricane Katrina; however, wild hogs are posing a direct threat to one of the properties. Turtleman is called in to ensure the area is hog-free and safe for families with small children. Later, at the southern tip of Lousiana, shrimper Big Sexy needs Turtleman’s help with a pack of mangy muskrats. Preventing him from setting sail, and threatening his livelihood, the critters are chewing his boat’s wiring.



Credit: Animal Planet


  1. yes my 6 year old daughter just loves your shows she is waiting for new shows to air

  2. Adventure call of the wildman recaps with a turkey/snapping creature at “farmers land”

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