Joan and Melissa Rivers subject of “E! True Hollywood Story” on Mother’s Day

Joan and Melissa Rivers get candid and very personal in this moving interview about their life and relationship. The Mother’s Day edition of E!’s True Hollywood Story — airing tonight (May 13th) at 10:30pm on E! —  has the duo taking a break from the wisecracks, and instead sharing honest and revealing stories about their lives.

The two talk about Joan’s early beginnings, when she defied her family to pursue her dreams of entertainment: “We [Joan and her parents] had terrible fights about me wanting to be in the business. And I ran out, I drove to NY. And I parked in front of the YMCA and I slept in the car and I washed in the Y for a week. I got an office temporary job during the day and when I got paid I moved into the Y.”

They talk about the heartbreaking suicide of Joan’s husband and Melissa’s father, which almost destroyed the women’s relationship. “I felt this huge distance from everyone and I felt lost and finally late that night I found my mom, she was sitting in our library and I remember lying across her lap and I was sobbing,” Melissa recalls about when she found out about her father’s death. As well as the heartbreaking lessons they’ve learned, as Joan discusses her own mother’s death: “They said it was heart failure and I never got to make up with her…terrible, terrible, terrible. That is why to this day I will never have an argument with someone I care about without making up the same day.”

But it’s not all tears and deep reflection as these women also talk about their remarkable successes and undeniable love they share for one another. “There was no question when Melissa was born, when she was put it my arms — that was it. She was my priority,” Joan says.