“My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” preview: It’s a Man’s World

Gypsy wedding fans, prepare yourself for some days of Amber and roses (and another quick but delightful glimpse at Pat Baby) when My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding airs its third episode — “It’s a Man’s World” — Sunday night  on TLC.

The ep spotlights the strict division of freedoms, duties and expectations between the genders — and the challenges women from outside the gypsy culture sometimes face when they fall in love with gypsy men.

At the center of the hour is 23-year-old Romany Tommy, a traveling paver and construction worker, who is headed home to West Virginia celebrate his traditional gypsy wedding to a non-traditional bride, bespectacled 17-year-old Amber — who is also 2 months pregnant. Because of Amber’s youth and gorger ways, Tommy’s cousin Laura — a mother of two who also married at 17 — is called in to help Amber polish her gypsy-wife ways and make sure the wedding plans live up to Romany expectations.

With just ten days to go the big day, this involves a frantic call to the community’s favorite dress designer Sondra Celli, who dreams up a frothy white number embellished with crimson, crystal-covered roses and sets her devoted staff on an around-the-clock rotation to get the gown (and a complete suite of accessories) done in the unforgiving timeframe.

In the meantime, Amber and Tommy suffer a series of other setbacks that threaten the wedding of their dreams — a situation further complicated by Amber’s raging, pregnancy-fueled hormones.

The episode also follows the adventures of gypsy Ed, married to gorger Amor, as he attempts to score a fast $10,000 to throw their four-year-old daughter the birthday party of her three-year-long lifetime — which entails assembling a full-scale carnival in the family’s backyard.

Ed’s vocation is one of the most fascinating elements of the hour. He and his cousin are “hot loaders” — on-the-spot pavers who buy costly loads of hot asphalt then go in search of paving jobs in the seven hours before it cools and hardens into uselessness.

Does Ed make enough money to throw his darlin’ her carnival? Will Amber’s delicate condition derail her big day? Find out when My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding: “It’s A Man’s World” premieres Sunday, May 13, at 10pm ET on TLC.

Image and video: TLC


  1. i’ve been dying to know what “fluffie’s” are and how to make ’em !!! it was hard to hear the dialogue on that show, so i’m not even sure that’s the right name for them; they look like some sort of fritter… aka pan-fried cakes made from a batter. they looked good….i want to learn how to make them !! somebody please help with the info; thank you so very much.

  2. i am not a “computer person” so ya’ll will have to bear with me here: my screen says there are 14 other comments but i don’t see them….where are they and can i see them? how do you access? or are they considered “old” and are now removed? thank you very much!!

  3. All evidence is pointing to this actually being you, Laura, so wooohoooo! Thanks for the clarification — but you’re still a much braver woman than I to put bleach in your mouth in even the teeniest amount. 🙂 Will we be seeing you in any more episodes?

  4. Yes it was bleach. That the 2nd time I use blech
    On my teeth.lol but u want to know something
    You can ask…thanks

      • O and what u did not see was I had toothpaste
        On it to.tlc did not show that. Tlc did not show everything
        Like it was. But u would have to know that how they do it….

    • Quick question for you, Laura: How do you make fluffies? Inquiring gorgers want to know.

  5. Hello Lori,

    You were right. Oh my gosh that she brushes her teeth with it. She had nice white teeth, however, oh my gosh. If she has a filling, it could eat away at the metal. Then if she doesn’t rinse enough. I would have loved to see how she cleans with it actually. I’m always afaid I don’t dilute mine enough. But I remember using it once in my home and it smelled great. My neighbor came over and said oh Christine, it smells so good and clean in here. I think it was wrong on the venue to cancel their entire party. They should have arrested the man that hit the worker. However, that wasn’t the girls fault. It was only 8:30. I hope they got reimbursed for time not used!! If not, they should let them have another party for free!!

  6. Oh my gosh, really? Wow. I think I am more interested in her cleaning habits. LOL!! I wish I could stay home 8 hours to clean. I get home from working 8 hours at my job and I am just too tired. Shoot, if she lived near me (well, maybe they won’t let her work outside of the home) I would hire her to help me clean!! I really liked her. She didn’t curse and she was so helpful to Amber. I really liked her. They should make a reality show of just her and her life. I would watch it. I can’t remember, so Sunday is the night the new shows air?

  7. Wait till you see what else Laura does with the bleach, Christine. You won’t believe it.

  8. OH thank you so much. I wasn’t too sure. Because I seen it all bubbly. She might have mixed it with dish soap. However, I seen the bottom of the jug and thought it might be bleach. I’ll have to watch it for sure on Sunday. I wish this show were on On Demand Channel so I can see it over. However, they had the same show on twice last night. So I guess I can always see it later the next week.

  9. Bleach, it is, Christine. Laura’s back in this Sunday’s episode and she sings the praises of bleach and the man who invented it. 🙂

  10. Thanks. I wasn’t too happy that Amber was going to be put back into kind of “old school” life style. However, if they are both happy, then who are we to say how they are to live their lives. I just wish the best for them. I liked it that (she is Ambers cousin now too) Laura came to help her. When she was cleaning and just the way she said it about the clean smell, I was like, oh what is that? Then she showed her some meals to make. I say, if they can make a go of it, then good. If not, then they can always change. Get a house, settle down in one spot. They have to think about the baby too and what’s best for the baby. At least one thing you know, when you go to any one of their homes, it will be clean!! I hope you can find out about the cleaning solution. LOL!!

  11. Well now, that is a fine question. It’s a long shot, but let me see what I can find out.

  12. Crazy question. Laura, Tommy’s cousin was showing Amber how to clean and recipes to cook. What cleaning solution was she using? She said it was the best clean smell. Was it bleach?

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