Cast of “Desperate Housewives” share how they want series finale to end

The cast members of  Desperate Housewives took time to share some  of their favorite episodes, as well as how they want the series to end for their character in a recent interview conducted by Channel Guide Magazine contributor Jacqueline Cutler. After eight seasons, the series comes to its end in a two-hour finale on Sunday, May 13 at 9pm ET on ABC. Here’s what the ladies had to share.

How would you like to see your character go out?

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Felicity Huffman:
I would love internally for Lynette to go out having a sea change in how she holds relationships, starting with her husband. Lynette has been chronically dissatisfied with her husband. He has a job but it’s the wrong job; she wants a different job. He is in school, but not in school for the right thing. She is chronically dissatisfied. Though, I would love to see her not in the shallow way to get her comeuppance, but for her to be content and grateful and appreciative of her life.

Marcia Cross: I don’t know how it is going to end. I have a wonderful new costar out of the blue. It is Scott Bakula. He wanders onto set, and he is just incredible, and I feel like that is so exciting and it works. … I don’t know where it is going. We have two more to go. Just like that little end-of-the-road miracle out of nowhere. I am beyond thrilled.

Vanessa Williams: That she marries Ben and they live happily ever after, and that’s what every woman wants.

Eva Longoria: I have no suggestion on it. I never walked into the writers’ room in eight years. I totally, completely trust [creator] Marc Cherry. In that respect he knows the character best.

With eight seasons that comprised 187 episodes, could they possibly have a favorite? We asked the ladies what their favorite episode was and why.
Felicity Huffman:
The episodes blur in my mind. I loved dancing on the bar — I had never done that in my life. I love the scene on the soccer field where Lynette confesses to her friends that she is dying. There was this fight with Doug while we were making a bed that was hilarious.

Marcia Cross: [Referring to the episode when she received a call that her first husband died, and Bree continued polishing silverware until she broke down, sobbing.] It always helps to have well-written scripts. To have that breakthrough of her shell. I had things in my life to draw on and the process was certainly something I understood very well. I don’t want to say too much more.

Vanessa Williams: The Halloween one with the prosthetic nose and the elixir from Chinatown and I scared the kids. I love doing physical stuff. The one last season when Bree sends over the little person to freak me out.

Eva Longoria: The pilot. It was just magical. Everything from the storyline and setup of the characters and filming it and being free and naive of the expectations that we ended up serving to the phenomenon. At the time it was just a great story, a great cast, and we thought, “Too bad nobody is going to see this because it is so different and so good.” It just became this worldwide phenomenon. I loved the innocence of the pilot.

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