7 Questions With … “Common Law’s” Warren Kole

These are heady times for the stars of USA Network’s Common Law, and the show hasn’t even premiered yet. Warren Kole and Michael Ealy are currently starring in the top two movies in the nation, with The Avengers and Think Like a Man. OK, so Kole’s part in The Avengers isn’t exactly superhero-sized — he has a walk-on (or, more appropriately, a sit-down) role as a nameless S.H.I.E.L.D. agent — but still, it points to the big things this duo is capable of. Kole answered our “7 Questions,” telling us about his embarrassing first meeting with John Turturro, what TV show he’d like to bring back, and why you shouldn’t stare too long into Michael Ealy’s eyes. Common Law premieres Friday at 10pm.

What has been your strangest fan encounter?

I think I’m at a place where I haven’t really been encountered by anyone overtly strange. But people think they know me. So it could be soldiers who think they served with me or housewives or kids, they just come up to me and they’re like, “Hey, how you doin’?” “I’m good! How are you?” “I’m sorry, didn’t we serve together? How do I recognize you?” It’s kind of bizarre, you never know how to react, or what to say, other than, “He must be a good-looking guy.” I’ve seen how Michael deals with it, and that’s a good lesson. He’s very gracious, he gives it the time it deserves. No one is too strange if you’re pleasant, at least not that I’ve seen.

Aside from Common Law, of course if your TV only carried three shows, which ones would you pick?

Let’s bring back The Rockford Files. I’m still attached to Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones.

You’re at a magazine rack and can only pick three titles. Which ones would you pick?

Popular Science, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated.

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When was the first time you were starstruck?

I was a sophomore in college, and I did an industrial video about how to use the Internet — that dates me! It was with John Turturro, somehow they had gotten John Turturro to do this thing, and I was so excited and so nervous I probably drank 10 cups of coffee that morning. I’d never been on a set before, and I was so jittery that by the time I met him I just started saying lines from the script, I didn’t know what to say to him. He was trying to be there for me, but I’m sure it was really hard. I shook his hand and I mashed it on this vice that was on the mechanic’s table. It was so bad! If I ever run into him again, I will apologize.

What are three things you have to have in your fridge or pantry?

I need cereal, Corn Pops. Usually Sprite, something with bubbles in it like ginger ale. And steak.

In your earlier roles you were credited by your given name, Warren Blosjo, but made the decision to switch to Warren Kole. Still feel good about making the change?

I never wanted to give up my given name. I’m proud of it, but the only problem was that no one remembered it. It was just a little too awkward, and they mispronounced it so frequently. The ironic thing is I took Kole from a family name — we had a vote and they had a few names, but Kole won — and getting it spelled with a “K” is a constant correction, too. I’ll never not be Warren Blosjo, it’s just my stage name.

How do you keep from getting lost in your costar Michael Ealy’s deep blue eyes?

It’s hard, man. He’s got those Windex eyes, sometimes you’ve gotta look away. It’s like looking into the sun. You can only look so long so it doesn’t burn out your retina. He’s a very attractive man.

Photo: © USA Network. Credit: Robert Ascroft


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