“My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” preview — Rockin’ Pat Baby!

As a proud devotee of all things Gypsy Wedding, I’ve been hoping against hope that My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding — now airing Sunday nights on TLC — would offer me up a U.S. version of my most beloved Irish Traveller, Paddy Doherty.

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On Sunday’s upcoming episode, “14 and Looking for Mr. Right,” I found him: Douglasville, Ga., resident and Romanichal gypsy Pat Baby. Proud paver, party-thrower and papa to his utterly stunning 14-year-old daughter Priscilla.

Because 32-year-old Pat Baby and his 33-year-old wife LouAnn have raised their daughter in strict adherence to their cultural beliefs, Priscilla has been pulled from school and the whole family is now thinking about the rest of her life in earnest. Which means finding a husband.

“Thousands of gyspy girls around the world, we think of this as fun,” says Priscilla as she carefully wipes down her family’s collection of porcelain knickknacks. “If I don’t clean, I kind of feel empty.”

To gather the largest pool of potential mates — and indulge his own devotion to a good time in the process (his favorite place on earth is the liquor store) — Pat Baby is planning the biggest Halloween blowout the state has ever seen. And he’s not taking any chances that any of the other gypsy ladies will outshine his little girl. The two are jetting off to Boston to meet  designer, Sondra Celli, who has crafted the girl a complete party wardrobe in keeping with Priscilla’s “Queen of Hearts” dreams — right down to a pair of spike-heeled go-go boots encrusted with 43,000 Swarovski crystals. “I want to look like a human lightbulb,” Priscilla proclaims. And Sondra makes it happen.

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Though his daughter is delighted, Pat Baby is taking no chances. Before he parts with his cash and leaves Boston with the wares, he parades his daughter through the streets of Boston, holding the voluminous half-skirt of her party gown like a faithful bridesmaid and reveling in the attention they can’t help but command.

“That’s his movie star! That’s Pat Baby’s girl!” Celli tells me. “He has a pretty girl. She’s young. She’s single. And he wants her to have the right guy — someone’s who going to take care of his daughter!”

Find out whether Pat Baby’s plan is a success and Priscilla’s duds dazzle — plus the additional significance the party takes on for the family —  on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding this Sunday night at 10/9CT on TLC.

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  1. I love Pat Baby and his family, he is a hard working man that would do anything for family! Priscilla looked beautiful! Where you get slut I don’t know! The way girls dress every day now is more slutty then she dressed for a PARTY! LOVE YOU PAT BABY!!!!

  2. I just stumbled on here, but I am just totally offended that someone is calling this 16 year old girl a slut. It’s just so uncalled for. I am sure “Teresa’s” is just some jealous hag. I have 2 girls Priscilla’s age and am pleased they are very moral girls like Priscilla. Lets not confuse “sexy” or “alluring” with loose morals. People dress as their culture expects/allows. Many tribes in Africa have young women go without tops…are they sluts. Some girls wear liederhosen which are very short…are they sluts. My god I hope Teresa isn’t a parent! I was very sad to see that someone had tarnished Priscilla’s good name. I do agree with one thing someone said though. Times change. So why are these girls still expected to drop out of school at 12-14 and get ready for marriage? Can’t the culture allow for these girls to continue schooling and marry at 18 or older. Even a housewife and especially a parent should have a good basic education. Many of these girls are excited to have children…wouldn’t it be nice, especially as a traveling culture, if moms were educated enough to school their children themselves during times when they are on the road. I think it’s really important for the strong good men in the culture ( like Pat Baby) to demand that their girls get an education and the boys should have the pressure put on to wait for the girl they are interested in to get her diploma!

  3. Had to comment as I just saw latest episode. First of all Priscilla is beautiful and sweet natured, a very good girl whose reputation was somehow ruined. Show made it seem like she was settling for an older cousin who is 28 years old. She is way too young to get married. Her parents need to further the career that she has chosen, which is being a singer. If she can sing, plays piano, she certainly could be an actress with her looks. If gypsy men won’t have her because someone started a rumor, there will be plenty of men who will believe her. Then there’s Nukki…. 15 years old and her life is ruined in the gypsy culture. Get your girl out of the gypsy culture then! She has her whole life ahead of her. I do not understand why Nettie did not call the police and get her underaged daughter returned to her once she had located her whereabouts. Both of these girls families need to look out for these young girls and give them the chance to succeed in life. These girls should never have been taken out of school. They should graduate high school, go on to college, make a better life for themselves. This is possible even when you home school.

  4. What is portrayed on tv is not 100%…some of it is true..it may look like a fairytale life where the women are taken care of…but most of the men are monsters…dope addicts and drunks…and god forbid you gain a pound and its on to the next….and church is just a social gathering and a fashion show…they can show off their jewels and cars and trucks and designer bags….and they don’t wear those redo culprits dresses and headpieces that’s all thanks to tlc….that show is more fake then real

  5. Best doll name ever, Sandie.

    They did say in the episode that Pat’s sister was murdered, but did not elaborate. As Pat Baby’s biggest fan ever, I was hoping we might see him in the upcoming reunion special in July, but doesn’t sound like that will be the case. Still, the show has been renewed for a second season, so I refuse to believe that we’ve seen the last of him.

    • No you have not seen the last of me yet..
      keep up with me on my fan page on face book under pat baby
      and my girls is under priscilla lee kelly 🙂
      comeing to a tv near you soon !!!!

  6. OMG!!! I meant to say PAT Baby!!!
    I am SO sorry! My daughter had a doll named Fat Baby, and I think I had it on my mind!!
    Many Apologies!

  7. I didn’t understand what happened to Fat Baby’s sister. Was she murdered? They just dropped this storyline.

  8. And what the dad said was marriages go through him.in other words he must approve of him not that he picks him.is there something wrong with a father approving of his daughters suitor.

  9. Really I can’t get past how this girl is dressed. Her daddy is okay parading her around Boston looking like a slut. Put some clothes on, have some respect for yourself

  10. yea its fine if the woman doesnt WANT to work, but have u noticed in these cultures, the girls that want to go to school, have careers, the ones that actually have BRAINS are considered trouble? they are considered the problem children. just like in polygamist cults, anyone who thinks at all differently is a PROBLEM. and thats wrong. god forbid a woman should think for herself, and want more for herself than to be a maid and a baby maker. i mean, that one poor girl was crying because her dad is gonna decide who she can marry, instead of her deciding for herself. she obviously wants more for herself and the dad’s saying “thats just the way it is, the men make the decisions”. thats friggin ridiculous. this girl walking around in this dress, looking like a freak show, so she can attract a guy, so she never has to think for herself again. hooray for women. 🙁

  11. I love you guys…and am truely sorry that in America???..wtf…is treating you and your belief system with such disrespect…I absolutely love the fact that you are truely the last free people on this earth..and have such faith in god…People are just jealous that they have broken homes, unlike you…you all live happy lives and have relationships that last lifetimes..I could only wish we could all practice a little more kidness and love they you have for one another..GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

  12. I love the fact that they think the woman should not have to work, the man takes care of them. Why couldn’t I have met and now meet a man with that thought. I guess I’m to old for that to happen to me now.

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