“Long Island Medium” recap of “Bellies and Babies” episode

Only two episodes left until the end of Season 2 for TLC’s hugely popular Long Island Medium. Last night’s episode, Bellies & Babies, Episode 11, was most unusual, as cameras followed Theresa Caputo to a baby shower where an unexpected mom-to-be and her closest friends and family were gathered, but instead of playing traditional shower games they were greeted with a surprise visit from Theresa.

Prior to going to the shower, Theresa was a bit apprehensive, not knowing if her appearance and/or any connections she might make would be welcomed, but the guests appeared to be entertained by Theresa’s bold and say-it-as-it-is Jersey style.

Theresa immediately makes a connection with the future mother-to-be, who lost her father five years ago. Theresa tells her, “your dad is beaming” about the upcoming baby’s arrival. Then she states the most obvious, telling her that her father knows of her conversations about naming the baby after him — either a first name or middle name. Disbelievers aren’t impressed with that revelation. She says that this is just the “spirit acknowledging appreciation of that.” No big shocker there.

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Next up, however, Theresa shows off her skills a bit better. Theresa targets a vulnerable, shy maybe twenty-something girl who can barely pull it together when she tells her that her grandmother is coming through. “Did you use to draw for her?” she asks. Having difficulty controlling her emotions, she acknowledges she drew a lot of pictures for her. “Do you like to sing? Because she’s telling me you’re a very good singer.” Theresa goes on to console her, telling her that even though her grandmother couldn’t communicate back with her, she wanted her to know that she heard her sing and read to her and it brought her great joy. She tells the girl to embrace the gift, that her grandmother is watching over her, and when she feels her spirit that it’s actually her.  And with that the girl is comforted.

For some physical activity, Theresa takes a belly dancing class with her cousin. On break, Theresa is visited by another spirit who labors her breathing. She quickly approaches one of the other class members and blurts, “who passed because they couldn’t swallow or their throat was filling up with a fluid?” The reluctant fifty-something woman tells her it was her husband. “Did you find the old records of your husband’s?” Freaked out, the woman shares that her husband had a large record collection and that she was just going through it. Theresa tells her that her husband was there with her when she did that and he wants to thank you for holding his hand and talking to him while he was dying, because of that he wasn’t afraid to die. The spirit goes on to communicate through Theresa that his wife gave him such a beautiful life and he’s eternally grateful. And with that, a peaceful feeling falls over Theresa and the woman, and her job is done.


  1. Theresa never fails to amaze me, how special your gift is. It was very sweet that the mom-to-be’s father camer through. And then the young girls grandmother coming through for her–it brought tears to my eyes.
    Theresa you really crack me up, I’d love to have someone like you around for laughs. I am working on straightening my spirituality and am very excited about it. Thank you so much for showing us your gift. I also love your family. Denise

  2. I have watched the show a few times and enjoy it very much, I am from Southampton, NY and moved to South Carolina and I miss the accent from NY. My question is can you do your thing via skype?

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