“Long Island Medium” recap of “Long Island Romance” episode

Larry Caputo You would think after being together for over 15 years, Larry Caputo would have picked up on a few signs on how to read his wife, but that clearly wasn’t the case in last night’s episode, “Long Island Romance.” While Theresa might have been looking for some new bling for Valentine’s Day, she never saw this one coming.

After failed attempts at making a last-minute dinner reservation at just about any restaurant within like 100 miles of their home, Larry turns to the kids for Valentine’s Day ideas. Shockingly, he actually takes his son’s suggestion — that a night out at the local arcade could be fun (little Lawrence later confesses he never thought his dad would take him up on the idea, for clearly this would be a fine date for 15-year-olds but certainly not for his mother). While Theresa decks herself out for a night on the town, Larry holds to his plans and delivers a very unexpected evening for Theresa. Plenty of initial sass and a lot of “Really, Larrys??” transpire when Theresa arrives at the arcade, but the couple does manage to enjoy a quiet — no one was there — evening at the arcade.  Of course, date night wouldn’t be complete without a spirit interrupting. Theresa connects with a few spirits related to one of the arcade’s employees, which she takes as a sign that this is where she was meant to be.


"Long Island Medium" Theresa Caputo As for scheduled “spirit” appointments, a middle-aged couple from Long Island — Brian and Angela, who were both somewhat skeptical of Theresa’s skills — come to her house for a reading. Angela initiated the appointment, despite Brian’s reluctance and skepticism.

When the couple arrives at Theresa’s house, Brian admits he was a skeptic. And, of course, Theresa admits she really didn’t care — after all, it’s not her job to make someone a believer, right? She’s simply the messenger here.

As the group gathers at the dining room table, Theresa, as with all of her sessions, pulls out her cassette tape recorder and begins taping. While one of them is in mid-sentence, the tape recorder just plain stops. The buttons are still pushed down and the light is still on, but the tape stops moving.


“I’m not crazy,” Theresa says, as she looks to the couple to confirm that they are seeing what she is seeing. “You said ‘I’m totally a skeptic’ and the tape stops. It’s spirit — they have the amazing energy to do things like that.” Brian is suddenly slightly uncomfortable — this really isn’t his thing. Brian tells Theresa he’s Googled himself to see if Theresa could have garnered any information over the Internet about himself, but he couldn’t find anything so he was curious to see what she might tell him. Theresa scoffs at the thought, as if she had time to Google every client she does a reading for — not going to happen. So she then begins her questioning …

“Is it fair to say that, unfortunately, you have lost a lot of loved ones in the physical world?” Theresa starts. “I look at you and behind you I feel like I see every person. Is your mom departed?” A common question.

Brian acknowledges she is.

“Because your mother is so excited. She’s telling me, ‘My son has waited forever to hear what he’s about to hear today.’ Do you understand that?” Theresa asks.

Brian’s mother passed away 17 years ago, and she was someone he described as a “godsend.” Brian tells that he struggled to understand why God would have taken her. Theresa then asks if his father has passed as well, because he’s now stepping forward.

When Brian says he has, Theresa acknowledges that this is just a sign that they are together. She then asks who the big sport person is. “Are you a coach?”

“I coach my daughter’s soccer team,” Brian tells her, clearly surprised she’s asked that.

“Did you not know anything about soccer? This is your father [talking]: ‘I don’t know how he’s a coach, he doesn’t know one frickin’ thing about soccer, Theresa.’”

“I can’t believe he just said that,” and Brian takes a deep breath.

Theresa then asks, “You have more than one child, though?”

“Yes,” Brian says.

“But who is really young?”

“My son,” Brian tells.

“Is that Jimmy or James or something?” Theresa asks.

“Yeah, that’s his name,” Brian rubs his forehead in disbelief, trying to process everything.

“OK, please know that’s your parents way of acknowledging they know of him.

“Do you have survivor’s guilt? Who passed in a tragedy?” she then asks.

“My brother,” Brian says.

Theresa explains that she asked that question because he (the spirit brother) made her feel like Brian feels like he could or should have prevented his passing.

Now in tears, Brian says, “Of course — I’m his brother.” In a confessional after the reading, Brian shares the story of his brother Adam passing away four years ago from diabetes. Their parents had split years ago, and Brian promised he’d always take care of his little brother. He’s hated himself for not being able to keep that promise. Brian blamed himself, feeling he should have done more to steer him in the right direction.

Theresa then connects the timing of Adam’s death to when Brian found out he was going to be a father again (their second child) and then asks if his son was named — first or middle — after his brother. Brian’s visibly shaken and confirms his son carries his brother’s middle name. Theresa then tells him, ”He wants to thank you for that.”

Brian breaks down.

Now Brian’s mother jumps back into the conversation with Theresa.

Brian’s mother says, “I want to thank you for allowing us to save our son’s life.” Then apparently his father gets up and shares, “You did not disappoint me.”

Brian understands and leaves, deeming his visit as a “life-changing experience.”

As for the weird tape recorder incident, Theresa goes to a local store to get it fixed where she connects with the spirits of the father/daughter business team. “Whose mother died? Who was the baby?” she asks.

It’s the owner’s mother, and the owner’s daughter’s two children she lost in miscarriage. Theresa tells the middle-aged daughter that her grandmother is simply stepping forward acknowledging this  — where she is holding two babies, one in a pink blanket and one in a blue blanket. Theresa tells her that her children are safe on the other side. She then asks the owner, “Your father is also departed? Do you have your dad’s necklace or some sort of medallion or charm?” That he does, and he pulls out from underneath his shirt the necklace.  He says it’s “100 percent impossible” for Theresa to have known that.

Unfortunately, they were clueless on how to fix the tape recorder.


  1. Two things I would like to know from you.
    1. are all your readings on a positive ending. Not all things are like that.
    2. How can you ever believe that a suicide ends up in heaven. You are so disalusioned lady

  2. I live in Levittown one town over and I would love to have a reading by Theresa. How do I get on the list. We have 10 people in my family that would love to be there as well. Money is not a problem. It’s well worth it Theresa is great!!

    Thank you


  3. I would like to get on the list for a reading. You are just wonderful with ur reading.




    – MARTY

  5. I love your show.
    I would love to know how to get a reading.

  6. What a terrfic program! Theresa a a joy to watch as she comforts hurting persons! How could anyone not believe in God or life after this life after watching her in action?

  7. awesome thanks so much how do i find out about making an appt an id like to get on theresas list i dont know anything about computers so i just keep being sent to everything except how to get appt thanks again diane burns

  8. I love Theresa Caputo but her wait is too long and she is 400 a session.. I was turned on to urbansageny.com and he was just as amazing and half the cost.. he only books 3 months in advance and you have to hold your appt with a credit card. He is worth every penny. Highly recommend a great person to see while waiting your 2 years to see Theresa.

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