“Dance Moms: Miami” re-airs “Don’t Judge Me” ep with new social media feature April 24

Heads up, Dance Moms: Miami fans — and you newbies waiting for a chance to catch up. Instead of a new episode, Lifetime will re-air last week’s “Don’t Judge Me” with a spanking new fan-centric feature called FAN CHAT that will include Twitter and other social media content from the ep’s initial broadcast.

The previously promised episode, “Your Duet Can Take A Bow” — in which “Hannah and Sammy are paired in a duet that brings out issues between the girls and their moms” — will premiere the following Tuesday, May 1, at 9pm ET.

So fire up those Twitter accounts and let’s see what shakes and shimmies out!


  1. Why are we seeing this again? This series is new. Isn’t this like .. the 3rd or 4th episode, and already they’re doing repeats? Ridiculous! Putting some silly Twitter tweets on the screen doesn’t make the episode new or make me want to watch it again.


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