Steven Strait heats up “Magic City” on Starz tonight

“My son’s not helping the cause AT ALL! He’s a @#$%ing idiot,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan says, when referring to the affair his onscreen son Stevie (played by Steven Straight) is having with Lily Diamond (Jessica Marias), the wife of Miami’s ruling king of the underwold, Ben Diamond (played by Danny Huston).

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In tonight’s episode “Feeding Frenzy,” Ike (Morgan) not only faces the disappearance of Mike Strauss and the pressure from DA Klein who is attacking organized crime through his other son Danny (Christian Cooke), but it’s Stevie’s affair with the sultry and seductive Lily that’s really heating things up.

“Stevie really is Ike’s son. He’s cut from the same clothe. He’s being groomed to take over the empire that his father built. Stevie uses charm and sexuality, and a whole myriad of other things  to kind of hustle whatever he wants,” Strait says. “What’s so fun about playing him is really the masked work — he’s a different guy with everybody – so when he’s handling the prostitutes, the gambling, the gangsters, the cabana or his family, he’s a different person.”

See what he’s talking about in tonight’s episode of Magic City airiing on Starz Fridays at 10pm ET/PT.