Leland Chapman launches new fan forum

Former Dog The Bounty Hunter star Leland Chapman has launched a new Fan Forum on his official web site.

The forum features five areas of discussion including general topics, fan stories about Leland, news and updates, and a spot for visitors to share what they like best about the bounty hunter/heartthrob, who continues to operate his own bail bond business on the Big Island of Hawaii while developing bounty hunting classes and a “Bounty Hunter Tactical Supply” company.

The site also addresses his departure — “A family that hunts together stays together…yeah whatever” — from the longtime A&E reality smash that made international TV icons of Chapman, his father Duane “Dog” Chapman, stepmother Beth, sister Baby Lyssa and older brother Duane Lee.

Meanwhile, all-new episodes of Dog The Bounty Hunter air Wednesdays at 9:30 on A&E, including next week’s episode, “A Higher Power,” in which Dog enlists his pastor, Tim Story, to try to make peace among his family members and bring Duane Lee back to the fold.


  1. I loved the show before the kids started on the show and I will love it now……I hope they get back together but not as part of the show ….it may be time for those kids to find their own identity……Beth butt out of Daddy’s problem with the adult children unless your asked…..looks like you need to step back some……

  2. Perhaps one has to live here in Hawaii to see why they have lost their popularity. DOG, NEVER recovered from his racist rant on the telephone. AND they make one cardinal sin, they attempt to speak pidgen and act local. I can see why the children all left to their own destiny’s.

  3. The new show will not be the same without Duane lee and baby Lyssa. I will only watch because if Leland… I doubt ratings will be as good as it could have been with missing family members. And everyone could see how Beth treated Duane lee. You would have to be an idiot , not to see it. Very sad.

  4. What a shame this family can not resolve their recent problems. When you come right down to it, family is utmost more important than pride. Family is the only source you can truly trust!!

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