Hallmark Channel unveiling “Undercover Bridesmaid”

I often pick on the people at Hallmark Channel and their hopelessly happy movies that always get wrapped up in a tidy little bow. They’re good sports about it, and they can take it — it’s a formula that’s done very well for them. A lot of people out there love Hallmark Channel’s original films and can’t wait until the next one arrives. At this point, they only have a few more days to wait, as Undercover Bridesmaid is set to hit Hallmark Channel this Sunday, April 15 at 8pm ET/PT.

Undercover Bridesmaid stars Brooke Burns (The CW’s Melrose Place) as Tanya Harsin, a female bodyguard hired by a Texas mogul named Thompson (Gregory Harrison) to protect his daughter Daisy, who is getting married in the weeks to come, and who has been receiving death threats. Tanya has to try to fit in with the wedding party and Daisy’s family, but it’s an awkward fit — and just about everybody is a suspect. There’s an aunt who’s siphoning the family scholarship fund down to nothing, a bon vivant cousin whose inheritance is at stake, an angry business partner and even the groom is still comparison shopping on his way to the altar, if only with his eyes. Tanya knows she has to stay on task, but when she becomes involved with the dubious best friend of the groom and wanders off with him as a shooting takes place, she finds herself in hot water with her client and a chain of events threatens to unravel her assignment and possibly her world.

I could tell you how things end up in Undercover Bridesmaid, but I won’t. Very probably, I don’t have to. I’ll give you a hint, though: Expect everything to get wrapped up in a tidy little bow.


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  1. What was the name of the poem Tanya (Brooke Burns) read at the wedding reception in “Undercover Bridesmaid”?

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