Military Channel presents “Edge of War”

Fans of Military Channel have something of a treat coming their way tonight with the premiere of Edge of War, hosted by retired U.S. Army General Wesley K. Clark. A worthy complement to the network’s recent Combat Tech series, Edge of War aims to take viewers link by link in the chains of events that led to the most consequential declarations of war in modern history. From World War II and Korea to Argentina and the Middle East, Edge of War examines how leaders throughout the world have brought their nations to the brink of war, and what their motivations were for taking the gamble.

In each episode of Edge of War, Gen. Clark, a 38-year U.S. Army veteran who earned the rank of four-star General and served as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander and Commander in Chief of the United States European Command, takes viewers into the minds, war rooms and military operations that shaped the campaigns that shaped our world. Tonight’s premiere episode, “Hitler’s False Flag,” delves into the German chancellor’s methodical ruse, having his SS elite train recruits to act as Polish soldiers and attack German facilities on the German-Polish border, leading the world to believe that Germany was justified in its “defense” against the Polish menace to the East.

Future Edge of War episodes will examine Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s amphibious assault on the North Koreans at Inchon, Fidel Castro’s victory over Gen. Fulgencio Batista to win his revolution, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s decision to take back the Falkland Islands from the Argentinian Military Junta, and other pivotal moments in military history.

Edge of War premieres on Military Channel tonight at 10pm ET/PT.


Photo: Military Channel


  1. Thank you for such a innovative, and informative series. Too many historical war tv shows only show the progression of battles. It is very interesting to see how the events happened to get to those battles.

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