Taylor Swift gets “Punk’d” by Justin Bieber on MTV

Based on Taylor Swift’s history of making people who wronged her the focus of her songs, it’s probably safe to assume she is already working on her next hit single about Justin Bieber. And for the reasoning behind that theory, all you have to do is tune into the season premiere of the revamped Punk’d on MTV tonight at 10pm ET.

Much to the joy of television viewers across the country, the network decided to bring back its wildly popular show that revolves around celebrities being victimized by the most elaborate of pranks. The previous installment was the brainchild of Ashton Kutcher, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to set up many of his famous friends. Unfortunately, the show went away for several years, because it was getting almost impossible for Kutcher to surprise anybody due to everybody being worried about being his next prey.

So here we are today with Kutcher — now also consumed by his CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men — working more behind the scenes. In a brilliant twist on the original show, tonight’s return signals a revamped version that involves weekly guest celebrities goofing on their own friends. And it couldn’t get off to a bigger bang — pun intended — than with Bieber making Swift think she ruined a couple’s wedding.

Bieber knows he has an easy target early on when he says of the wholesome Swift, “I think we should start with Taylor. She’s the sweetest girl ever.”  The stunt begins innocently enough when Swift believes she is merely shooting fireworks from land into the water. But things quickly go awry when the fireworks hit a boat on which a staged wedding is taking place. The next thing we see is the bride, groom and pastor falling off the boat and into the water.

Swift is beside herself, obviously believing she has completely destroyed the couple’s magical day. “This is completely not okay,” she says.

Fortunately for us as viewers, it is completely okay. As much as our hearts want to go out to her at that moment, there is something unique about the pranks on Punk’d that make us revel in seeing famous people brought down to earth. Whereas previous shows like Candid Camera were more wholesome and about every-day people, Kutcher’s vision has always been about allowing fans to witness their favorite stars being the butt of the joke.

And the best thing about Kutcher not being the face of the show is that there is no way the victims can see the plans coming together. By using guest pranksters, we are exposed to a rejuvenated cast of masterminds turning the camera on their colleagues. Other hosts/victims this season include Miley Cyrus, Kellan Lutz, Bam Margera, Dax Shepard, Hayden Panittiere, Dianna Agron, Snooki, Zac Efron and Khloe Kardashian.

Everybody dreams of one day being famous, but the return of Punk’d at least allows us regular folk the chance to breathe a sigh of relief knowing we won’t be the subject of this show. That has to count for something, right?