“Dance Moms: Miami” pics — meet the moms!

The countdown has begun to Tuesday’s scorching debut  of Lifetime’s Dance Moms: Miami, immediately following the tear-soaked “Abbygeddon” season finale of the wildly popular Pittsburgh flagship.

Dance Moms: Miami first pics!

And we finally have official pics of the Miami mamas! Ladies and gents, meet Anicia Gutierrez, Debi Epstein, Abby Small, Brigette Bernier Triana and Susan Kennedy!

Anicia is the mother of adorable, tiny Kimberly Kopke:

Debi is the mother of Hannah Epstein, shown here  in the red shorts with instructors Angel Armas and Victor Smalley and her duet partner, Sammy Small:

Below is Sammy with her mom, Abby, and her dad, whose name I don’t know. We’ll just call him Sammy’s Dad until one of you is kind enough to enlighten me. I don’t expect this to take longer than a day, people. Er, please.

Brigette, shown here on the right getting veeeerrrry sleepy with Debi and Susan, is the mother of Lucas Triana:

Here’s Lucas getting his hair did by Victor:

And last but not least, Susan is the mother of Jessica Kennedy:

…and from the looks of this preview, every last one of them is ready for their close-up. Are you?

Watch the season premiere of Dance Moms: Miami Tuesday, April 3 at 10:30pm ET/9:30 CT

All photos: ©2012 A&E Television Networks, LLC. All rights reserved. Photo Credit: Scott Gries


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