Tease campaign for TNT’s new “Dallas” references original series’ “dream” season

TNT has revealed the tease campaign for its new series Dallas, which premieres June 13 and catches us up with what several original members of the Ewing clan, as well as its next generation, are up to.

The steamy campaign artwork flashes back to one of the most iconic scenes from Dallas history — and one of the silliest moments in TV history — when, in a May 1986 cliffhanger episode, Pam (Victoria Principal) awakens one morning to find her supposedly dead husband Bobby (Patrick Duffy, who returns in the new series) alive and well in the shower. When Dallas returned that fall, it was revealed that Bobby had never died, and that the events of the entire 1985-86 season were all a dream of Pam’s.

It’s a fun ad. Let’s just hope the new series plays a little more fair with its audience and doesn’t concoct any similar “dream” scenarios.