2012 ISU World Figure Skating Championships TV schedule

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Universal Sports has coverage of the 2012 ISU World Figure Skating Championships from Nice, France, beginning Wednesday, March 28, at 1pm ET with pairs short program and ice dancing short program. Viewers can also purchase a live and on demand streaming video package from icenetwork.com. For its part, NBC will air tape-delayed coverage from 3-6pm ET on Sunday, April 8. Representing the U.S. in singles are Jeremy Abbott, Adam Rippon, Alissa Czisny and Ashley Wagner. U.S. pairs are Caydee Denny and John Coughlin, and Mary Beth Marley and Rockne Brubaker. In ice dancing, the U.S. is sending Meryl Davis and Charlie White, Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue, and Maia and Alex Shibutani. 2012 ISU World Figure Skating Championships TV schedule below:

2012 ISU World Figure Skating Championships TV Schedule

Universal Sports
March 28
1pm ET — Pairs Short Program; Short Dance
March 29
8am ET — Ladies Short Program Universal Sports
2:30pm ET — Free Dance
March 30
8am ET — Men’s Short Program
3pm ET — Pairs Free Skate
March 31
9am ET — Men’s Free Skate
2:30pm ET — Ladies Free Skate

April 8
3pm ET — World Figure Skating Championships (Taped)


  1. I have been watching the U.S. & World’s Figure Skating Championships every year as well as the Olympics. And now I cannot. WHY? Every weekend it’s baseball, football, hockey, basketball, golf, etc. The one sports event my friends and I gather each year to enjoy is the figure skating championships. We can’t get The Universal Sports Channel because my Cox Cable here in San Diego does not offer it & we can’t watch it on the computer either. NBC, you have the responsibility to show us what we want! If you can show such junk every day, night and weekend, why can’t you broadcast something as important as THE FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS & WINTER SPORTS ONCE PER YEAR.

  2. April 10, 2012

    I was quite disappointed when I did not see the coverage of the World Ice Skating Championships from Nice, France televised on channel 10, NBC. It was publicized that it would be shown on television on April 8, 2012. I guess accountability by television stations for coverage of a major international watched event is not their forte anymore. I wonder why.

  3. I’ve been waiting all season for this. It’s the pinnacle of the season. It’s been on my calendar for months, and now they cancel coverage and show reruns of STUPID shows. It’s the Super Bowl of skating, and we don’t get to see it.

  4. Hi I would love to make a appointment not sure how to start please let me know the steps. Thanks Angie

  5. I AGREE!!! I’m 65 yrs old and have been watching figure skating since I was a teen. It is disappointing that such abeautiful sport is no longer available to viewing public. These athletes are wonderful role models–unlike the majority of pro athletes. Yes, there are drug/alcohol,etc problems but certainly not on the scale seen in NFL/NBA, for example. And certainly not in the spotlight like NFL/NBA.
    PLEASE bring more skating back to its’ fans!!

  6. Figure Skating is one of the most athletic, beautiful, entertaining sports there is. There is mass appeal for this sport, it is a shame we see so little of it covered on NBC these days. What gives?

  7. Yeah, Miss those days when I can watch all the figure skating events on ABC. Now, it is only through Universal Sports, and, Comcast is the only one with that.

  8. This SUCKS, big time! No, not enough interest is their excuse yet I know plenty of people who have always loved World’s. The wrap up is a big zero. Thanks for nothing — Can’t wait until even the Olympics are offered only on obscure cable networks — might as well cancel those games after how many decades???? If we can’t see this stuff, what’s the point. But we’ve had months of nonstop football, then basketball, ad nauseum. ENOUGH!

  9. This is very disappointing. My Verizon does not get Universal Sports and I have the best package available. Figure skating is popular with women and this tiny bit of coverage is not what we want!! Many of us are really tired of nothing but basketball and golf. I think the NBC management must be all male, and it shows. Get with it!

  10. I agree. No TV coverage! And our newspaper doesn’t cover either. Yipes. NBC,what happened?

  11. After. Waiting weeks to wat ch these championships, I cannot find them televised on Cox. Or. Direct TV. To wait two weeks to see a review on NBC on Easter is a disappointment. Please NBC cover this event

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