Discovery adds underwater view to its hit “Penguin Cam”

Since its launch about two weeks ago, Discovery Channel’s Penguin Cam — created as a promotion for the network’s upcoming series Frozen Planet, which premieres this Sunday — has become an online hit. The Cam is set up at SeaWorld in San Diego, where it captures the action of a lovable array of more than 300 penguins representing five species (king, emperor, Adélie, gentoo and macaroni) hopping, running, eating, scratching and sometimes coming right up to gaze into the camera and stare into your very soul (or maybe not).

The site has garnered over 30 million page views (including myself and @channelguideLLA), and it is quite addictive, and sort of calming, one of those ambient things that can be pretty fascinating and relaxing, like watching a fish tank, or the Puppy Bowl. Discovery says fans have shared pictures and stories of making the Penguin Cam their second screen at work, of their dogs watching and of countless hours of sleep lost.


Starting today, Discovery is adding even more penguin action to the Cam. Until now, we could only see the birds waddling around on land, where even a cursory glance can show that they are not the most at home. A new, second camera placed at the bottom of the penguin pool lets viewers see the birds in action underwater. It’s easy to toggle between land and water views.

Today, tomorrow and Saturday, Discovery Channel will also be airing the live Penguin Cam feed from 9-10am ET/PT, wrapped with Tweets from Cam fans.

Weekly, interactive online chats with experts from Discovery and SeaWorld Mondays at noon ET at will offer more info about the cute little critters.

Penguin Cam continues through April 30.

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