VOD Spotlight: The penguins return in “Happy Feet Two”

It’s cold, really cold, and until recently, the Antarctic was the real final frontier on Earth. But as cameras became more forgiving of its harsh weather, documentary film crews began braving the elements and collecting dramatic footage of the frozen continent and its wildlife. This was one of the inspirations for Happy Feet and its sequel, Happy Feet Two. Penguins return in "Happy Feet Two"

“We went for photo reality [with Happy Feet], as much as the technology and our skills allowed us to do at the time,” says director George Miller.

“We based everything on the natural history of Antarctica: the behavior of the penguins; the way that the ice forms; the way the winds and the clouds happen. … Even though it all looks like just ice and snow, there is incredible richness — the formations of the icebergs, the shades of the water, the colors of the light with the low sun, the beautiful auroras that cross the night sky.”

New cinematic techniques have increased the level of realism in Happy Feet Two. “As a cinematic experience, this film takes place across a massive range of amazing environments that we haven’t seen before,” co-director/cinematographer David Peers says. “It’s a mix of a love story, an adventure and a disaster movie … with singing and dancing. It’s just epic.”

“Happy Feet Two” is available starting March 13 on Video On Demand. Check your cable system for availability.


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