“Dance Moms: Miami”: first pics

Well, things certainly look happier and more cooperative. Maybe it’s the balmy air and sunshine. Or maybe it’s an illusion.

Lifetime has released the first pictures from its upcoming spinoff, Dance Moms: Miami, which will premiere April 3 at 10:30 ET following the 90-minute spring finale of the network’s runaway train wreck hit Dance Moms.

Based at the sultry south Florida city’s Stars Dance Studio, Dance Moms: Miami follows the triumphs and travails of the school’s owners, renowned contemporary dance teacher Victor Smalley (an instructor on Season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance) and choreographer Angel Armas as they train a diverse group of talented dancers intent on becoming stars — and sidestep the drama generated by the kids’ intensely competitive moms.

Here’s Angel (left) and Victor:


Here’s Victor and Angel with Victor’s mother, Stars Dance Studio manager, Mayra Smalley:

Here’s studio stars Lucas, Sammy, Jessica, Hannah and Kimberly looking victorious and well-adjusted:

But where are the Miami moms? The waiting is the hardest part.

• UPDATE: Meet the Moms of Dance Moms: Miami!

What do you think, fellow Dance Moms faithful? Are you burning up with anticipation for Miami (me! me!) or should the original stand alone?

Photos: ©2012 A&E Television Networks, LLC  Credit: Scott Gries


  1. I have watched the new dance moms miami and i have no problem with it. I actually think it is awesome and besides the original one was getting old.Time for something new. Miami,Flordia all the way!!!!!

  2. I just saw Dance Moms Miami and it is NOT as good as the original! I can’t wait till june when the original comes back on! I mean Dance Moms Miami wasn’t terrible its just a personal opinion. PITTSBURGh ALL THE WAY
    <333 (not to copy again srry)

  3. Dolly dinkle is an old-school reference to home-town little dance studios who typically do recitals and these types of competition. Usually the dance instructors are old dancers who couldn’t find other jobs, old women like Abby, and/or suburban idiots who think they are hot stuff. Reference – corky from “waiting for guffman.” I went to one until I decided at about age 11 that I wanted to study dance professionally – then (like many others) I realized that I had to go to a real school and learn REAL technique. Not trick and spins. Real dance schools don’t care about costumes and recitals and laugh their butts off at this behavior. Real dance schools if your mother acts like that – they simply throw you out.

  4. Stick with the original. It’s not the same without these moms. Not looking forward to miami. It’s going to be completely different and I’m just not going to be able to enjoy it as much. Pittsburgh all the way babyyyy!!!

  5. pittsburgh is the original and theres no beating that. i guess this can be cool too, but i don’t want this to end up like the housewives shows like housewives of new york, new jersey, orange county, etc.

  6. I think “Dance moms ” is getting old !! I figured that they would have got eather a new show or different people but eath way its the same drama , no real reality just all fake ! I go 2 school with chloe and ………..

  7. I agree totally agree with Emma and Kate I think it dumb that they’re doing this cuz the whole reason they did dance moms wiz cuz Aldc wiz the best company in the USA and now they start doing these and it’s not the same I’m not hating or doubting I just don’t agree Pittsburgh 4eva (not to copy)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<4

    • If you have seen Mia diaz dance ten you would know this studio is just as good and maybe better…btw I love all the dancers and moms on the original also I am not hating on anyone

  8. i don’t think its gonna be as good as the original dance moms but i think it would be cool if the two studios ended up going head to head.

    • if you pay attention to the 1st episode of dance moms miami when victor announces where they are going abby lee and stars were both in miami for the same competition

  9. isnt it funny that when dance moms first came out everyone was skeptical and said “oh that abby lee woman seems like such a witch” and “those dancers must be brats” and now here we are. i feel i have a relationship with all the people on dance moms. i now realize that i really do love this show and i dont want it to be replaced or overlooked in any way. lets face it, abby lee miller is a great choreographer and we love her crazy personality. dance moms better stay. PITTSBURGH FOREVER

  10. Bek, I have no idea what “dolly dinkle” means, but it is officially my new favorite vocabulary word anyhow, and I will use it at least four times in a sentence today. Probably not correctly. But I will use it.

    And I agree — pretty hard to imagine that anything can live up to the Pitt Crew. As soon as I hear that they’ll be back for more, you guys will be the first to know.
    Who will teach us how to wear long-sleeve shirts with no shoulders and faux fur vests if they don’t come back? Who?

  11. It will be interesting to see a different type of studio and how they handle their students and parents. Abby lee is very abusive towards her students, and parents be it for the camera or not. That make good reality TV. I hope the new show takes a bit of a different slant on the “dolly dinkle” competition studios. All studios are run in their own unique manner. Hopefully we will get a different POV in this show.

  12. i love the original dance moms!!!!!!!!!!!i this show is just trying to copy it, but there is NOTHING the same as Dance Moms!!!

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