TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” launches third season by teaching you a new word!

… and the word is “mechaphiliac.”

The man who is one is 27-year-old Arkansas resident Nathaniel who met his dream partner — “Chase” — 5 years ago in a used car lot. Problem is, Chase IS a used car, a shiny red Monte Carlo that Nathaniel calls “handsome man” and treats to dates and, er, romantic time. Nathaniel is a mechaphiliac, a person who is sexually attracted to mechanical objects. A broader term for the disorder is “objectophilia.”

He’s also the star of the third season premiere of TLC’s My Strange Addiction, which launched last night with back to back episodes that featured Nathaniel plus Jaye who has been snorting baby powder for 16 years (that’s more than 1,000 pounds of powder up her nose); Mary who favors the same food and treats that she feeds her cats; and Alicia who is hooked on the smell of moth balls. If you’re new to the show, each episode delves into how each individual developed their strange — and often harmful — habit, and why they can’t seem to stop, even when their mental and physical health is in peril.

Too caught up in the Grammys and Whitney Houston coverage to catch the premieres? They’ll repeat February 21 beginning at 7pm ET and in the meantime, you can find a host of highlight videos on TLC’s web site.

In next week’s first episode, viewers will meet 23-year-old Bertha, who has been consuming up to five bottles of nail polish every day for the past five years (that’s over 9,000 bottles of polish), and 32-year-old Jamie who will use anything within reach — including scissors — to dig in her ears. Then, meet 32-year-old Sheyla who has willingly spent $250,0000 and subjected herself to 22 breast enlargement surgeries to achieve her 38KKK bust size, and 23-year-old Andrea who can’t stop eating adhesive tape.

Back to back new episodes of My Strange Addiction air Sundays beginning at 10pm ET through March 5.

Video and images: TLC


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