Take Suze Orman’s Final Exam for the chance to win $50,000

I hope you’ve been paying attention, class!

Suze Orman will be giving away $50,000 to one lucky student after tonight’s episode of America’s Money Class With Suze Orman at 9pm ET/PT on OWN. Just log on to oprah.com tomorrow and ace the Final Exam!

The exam launches on February 14th at 12 pm ET/9 am PT. All exam questions touch on money topics covered in the six-episode series. For all of the slacker students out there, you better start cramming now because the contest closes 24 hours after it opens. Luckily, episodes and study materials are available online.

Suze’s Final Exam consists of 12 multiple-choice questions and an Essay Question. Essay responses can’t be more than 50 words in length and will be judged equally on financial knowledge, understanding of financial concepts, and originality and creativity.

Six total prizes will be awarded. One Grand Prize winner will receive a $50,000 “Approved Card” while five Runner-up winners will each receive a $5,000 “Approved Card.” For more on rules & eligibility, click here.

It’s clear that in her 30 years of financial planning, Suze hasn’t lost an ounce of passion or energy for empowering people to make positive decisions when it comes to money. But she’s also been witness to incredible changes in the financial landscape.

“I have seen the middle class slowly, but surely — in the greatest country in the world — totally be disappearing,” she says. “There is a highway into poverty and there is not even a sidewalk to get out.”

Now she’s dispensing more than advice. She’s giving away $75,000 “to give you the tools to make your own new American dream.” What will your dream be?


  1. Thanks for reading, everyone! Suze is really fabulous. I’ve learned so much from watching her, too.

    Unfortunately, I’m not a financial planner and I don’t have the answers to your questions. But Suze can be contacted at the following link:


    Some other popular money gurus that might be helpful are NPR’s Marketplace Money and Dave Ramsey.

    Please consider consulting your own financial representative. Here is a great resource to locate fee-based reps in your area: http://www.napfa.org/

    – Athena

  2. I dont know what to purchase in Life or Trem Insurance . Im on a budget at 56 years old still working with out health insurance trying to make ends meet. What company do I sign up for that would take care of the finical needs .

  3. Suze I love the show i learn alot specially what to invest in . And what not to do I need to some help I no my dept. Might not be that much which is 10,000 which is a lot to be. Older grandmother takin over my daughter’s son and going to school and I needed you to tell me to get some insurance on my self and my grandson. I learned alot from your show and that also don’t pay on credit card bill that will fall of in a matter of years. Thank you Suze for being my friend you dress very lovely.

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