Is Carol next to die? Season 2 of “The Walking Dead” promises to be crazier

Andrew Lincoln stars as Rick in AMC's "The Walking Dead"

Tensions are high when the second half of Season 2 of The Walking Dead returns on AMC Sunday, Feb. 12. After the barnyard shootout, Hershel, played by Scott Wilson (pictured with Andrew Lincoln), asks the survivors to get off his farmland. He then turns to the bottle and goes missing, requiring Rick (Lincoln) and Glen (Steven Yeun) to make a dangerous trip into town in search of him. The thought of leaving the farm, however, is greeted with mixed emotions from the survivors.

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“We’re just going to have to IronE Singleton as T-Dog in AMC's "The Walking Dead"wait to see how successful he [Hershel] is at doing that,” says IronE Singleton, who plays T-Dog. “There’s a possibility where things could work out and we’re able to stay there a little longer or maybe the bond is strengthened between us — the survivors and Hershel and his family.”

Melissa McBride as Carol in AMC's "The Walking Dead"Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, says her character obviously needs some space to mourn Sophia’s death so she withdraws from the group.

“She knew in her heart if they found her she was probably going to be dead, if they found her at all. I think she knew one way or another she was gone. This was the reality, [Sophia] coming out of the barn, and Carol having to face the reality. Now she just wants to move forward and get beyond it.”

McBride says that she’s happy to see her character standing up for herself in the upcoming episodes. “Carol stands up for herself, and that’s a very new step for her. It’s a baby step, maybe two steps forward, one step back. I’m proud of her for that.”

Steve Yeun as Glenn in AMC's "The Walking Dead"Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, says he’s excited for fans to see his character “finally make a decision – to stay a kid or be a man. Stuff like that is going to rear its head the rest of the season.”

“Things are going to get even crazier,” Singleton says. “What’s the craziest nightmare/dream you’ve ever had? Take that and multiply that by 10 — that will be like a yawn compared to what’s about to happen!”

Besides the aforementioned, the cast is pretty tight lipped about upcoming episodes. They weren’t shy, however, about talking about their nerves and anxieties on their future survival. Everyone combs through scripts immediately, jumping to the end, to see if their character is still alive.

Yeun tells us that producers of the show have historically provided a courtesy heads up if you’re next up to get cut.“There is some courtesy, they’ll let you know,” he says.

“Courtesy calls were given,” Melissa McBride added. [Hmm, note she said “calls” not call.] And then quickly added, “Madison got a call,” referring to Madison Lintz who played Sophia.

The remaining six episodes for season 2 are completed, and shooting for season 3 is scheduled to begin in April. McBride then says, perhaps jealously, “Some people will be going back for Season 3.” When pressed what that means and if she’s next, she tells us: “It doesn’t mean a thing.”

But, we’re not so sure about that. Run Carol run!

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