Discovery Channel after dark: Sexy specials for Valentine’s Day weekend

SEX! Now that I’ve got your attention …

If you’re not getting any this Valentine’s Day weekend, at least you can watch a couple of rebroadcast Discovery Channel specials to help you understand why you want it so badly, and why you enjoy it so much when the opportunity finally comes along. And if you are lucky enough to be getting some — well, you’ll probably be DVRing these programs while you’re otherwise occupied, I suppose.

Here are the sexy specials Discovery Channel will be running this Saturday night, Feb. 11:

Curiosity: Why Is Sex Fun? — 9pm ET/PT. Maggie Gyllenhaal hosts this look at the orgasm — one of the most intense pleasures we can experience. But what are orgasms actually for? In men, the answer is fairly simple — reproduction. But women don’t need an orgasm to get pregnant. So why have them? With cutting-edge science and research, this program investigates this pleasurable enigma.

Anatomy of Sex — 10pm ET/PT. This program is about the evolution of sex. Our bodies work in specific, yet subtle, ways for one reason only — making more humans. We live for having sex, and in this special, how we do it and why are the focus points. The show travels inside the body to see what happens to both men and women when we’re attracted to someone, when we’re aroused, and when orgasm finally ensures the possibility of reproducing.


Photo credit: Todd Plitt/Discovery Channel

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  1. The hostess of the show on Feb 11 stated the orgasm is neccessary for the male to eject his sperm but not neccessary in the female for reproduction. There are a couple problems with this view. First other studies have shown when the female orgasms her cervix opens slightly which may facilitate the sperms journey while other physical and chemical changes occur which may have the same effect. Second, to say the male orgasm is neccessary for reproduction is, at least in my opinion completely wrong. Ejaculation is needed but being a male I sense ejaculation as different from orgasm. A male may ejaculate without orgasm and in some Eastern practices can supposedly orgasm without ejaculation. In my experience though the two are usually combined they are definitely two separate occurrences. With meditation over the years I have been able to allow the orgasm to be the dominate sensation but can still recognize both. The ejaculation is 90% below the waist and orgasm is 80% centered in the brain. I do feel slightly sorry for the female since when a male learns to be in touch with both at the same time the pleasure is intensified at least 10 fold.

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