“Absolutely Fabulous” 20th Anniversary Specials, round 2

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are back in the roles that made them obnoxious, famous and fabulous. Following on the heels of the 2012 BAFTA Film Awards, the second of three Absolutely Fabulous specials will premiere on BBC America this Sunday, Feb. 12 at 11pm ET/PT, bringing Eddy and Pats back with the long-suffering Saffron (Julia Sawalha) in tow.

Last time out was a homecoming, Patsy having been “away” for a while, but the two were essentially unchanged — Patsy was still living the fast life and Edina was still doing the PR thing and trying to stay on top of every trend in an effort to stay perpetually young. They trashed the Kardashians (see above) and had a swipe at the royal wedding. This time, the girls get into trouble when they book the Royal Albert Hall for French film legend Jean Durand when Durand gets the urge to start a singing career. Of course, Durand can’t sing, a situation which threatens to become an absolutely fabulous disaster.

It’s not often that a series of this popularity and magnitude gets a reprise — let alone three, like these Absolutely Fabulous specials. Fans of Eddy and Pats will no doubt be tuning in again Sunday, but just as many are probably hoping that with one more to go, a few more misadventures might come to pass.