Zooey D sings, but fans control the action, in interactive “New Girl” music video

If you liked those old Choose Your Own Adventure books, and you’re a fan of FOX’s hit comedy series New Girl, you’re in for a double treat. Fox.com debuted today an interactive music video for “Hey Girl,” a song performed by series star Zooey Deschanel and featuring the entire cast of the show.

The setting of the video is the gang’s loft, where party crashers suddenly intrude. Fans get to direct how the action of the party — and the video — unfolds, with over 950 variations available. Will the group go-go dance or have a pillow fight? Will they perform in a flash mob or a chorus line? Hula skirts or togas? Upon completion of the first video, users can experience a new video over and over again, each time choosing a different adventure, and of course being able to share final products with friends on various social media platforms.

It’s pretty fun, and the decisions flow fairly seamlessly in the video, thanks to technology from digital media company Interlude, which has a proprietary technology platform allowing viewers to become co-directors as the video plays, making decisions about the video’s course in real time.

The song — co-written by Michael Andrews, Zooey Deschanel, series creator Elizabeth Meriwether, David Finkel and Brett Baer — is pretty catchy, as well. Check it out!


Credit: FOX

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  1. Probably the cutest thing I’ve seen online since the Puppy Bowl clips. Props to Fox for allowing the video to be played in Canada, too.

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