“Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo returns for 2nd season March 25

Last fall TLC introduced TV viewers to Theresa Caputo, a New York mother and medium who connects her clients — and, well, really anyone she might run into whether they want to hear it or not — with the spirits of their dead relatives or friends. Her reality series, Long Island Medium, averaged 1.3 million viewers in its first nine-episode run and quickly captured the attention and emails of many needy viewers looking to find closure to their personal grieving.


Caputo tells us life has changed somewhat since the launch of her show.

“My life has always been crazy, but since the premiere of the show it’s now bananas!” Theresa tells us. “It is just amazing. My life really is not that much different; besides spirits following me everywhere, now I have cameras! The only thing I really do differently is I don’t go out in public as much by myself … a simple errand will take twice as long, and not because I’m buying more stuff.”

In the season premiere, anxieties are high as Theresa invites her daughter Victoria’s boyfriend and his parents over for dinner. Will Theresa be able to turn “off her” special gift and save Victoria from embarrassment? The second season begins on Sunday, March 25 on TLC.

EXTRA: Q&A Transcript Of Our Interview With Theresa Caputo

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