On Groundhog Day, Nat Geo Wild decides to give the beaver its due

This Thursday, Feb. 2, is Groundhog Day, when all eyes will be on a certain rodent in the superstitious hope that it will tell us whether or not we are in for more winter. But over at Nat Geo Wild, they will be celebrating another rodent — the American beaver — with a special aptly titled, American Beaver.

And, just like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day, you can relive this special over and over (and over) again, as the network will be running it for 20 hours straight, from 7am-3am ET/PT.

American Beaver follows a beaver as she struggles to survive while facing the challenges of predators and the fury of the elements. Using a custom-designed camera system, Nat Geo tracked this tireless engineer for one year to see how her constant need to build not only changes the terrain but also affects the species surrounding her.

If we’re going to start traditions of daylong marathons devoted to rodents, might I suggest one programmed around the capybara?


© NGT/Jeff Hogan