Stacy London focuses new series on plus-size fashion world, women

It took awhile, but finally there’s going to be a TV series that focuses on fashion for average size women (more commonly referred to as plus-size). TLC and What Not to Wear host and fashion authority Stacy London, along with BBC Worldwide Productions, are executive producing this yet-to-be titled eight-part series, set to premiere in May. No surprise that London’s behind the production after spending nine seasons helping many “plus size” women reinvent themselves and their wardrobes in her signature What Not to Wear series, which she cohosts with Clinton Kelly.

The new series, however, does not feature London in front of the camera, instead it follows business owners Lisa and Jim Dolan, as they try to revolutionize the norms of plus-size shopping experiences at their clothing store, Lee Lee’s Valise. The husband and wife team opened their store based on a frustration Lisa had with finding plus-size clothing for herself. Their website states: “As a plus-size consumer, Lisa Dolan has traversed the boutiques of Brownstone Brooklyn, in search of contemporary clothing in her size. It became very apparent that all of these boutiques have ignored the “normal sized” women. As you might know, the majority of American women average a size 14, and it was impossible to find anything bigger that a 12 in any of the boutiques and shops that have sprung up in the neighborhood. So when the ‘perfect’ space opened up in a historic spot on Court Street, we decided to open a shop that would specialize in sizes 10 to 28.”

Each episode of the series follows three customers and their intimate shopping experience at the Brooklyn store, where they receive personalized attention in finding clothes that fit and flaunt their body type.  Of course it wouldn’t be a TLC series without some drama and tears, so you can expect that as well, as women are transformed through the help of Lisa and John Dolan.

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  1. Hello Stacy…… I would love to be on the show. I am a 52 yr old single mother. I have had a weight problem since my divorce in 1998. Dec of 2010 broke my shoulder in 5 places. After 6 months of recovery and P.T. they realized my shoulder had died… so they replaced it. It has been horrible ever since. So for the past year & 1/2 everything seems to have gone down hill. I have put on approximately 35 pounds since I broke my shouder. Yesterday I found out my only child is getting married on August 11 2012. His future mother in-law is a beautiful thin woman in her 40’s. I am so ashamed, and I am not sure what to do. I have begun to count calories, but since there is only 2 months until the wedding, I am feeling defeated. I do not have enough time to loose this weight. I could really use some help from Stacy to help me out with an outfit for the up coming wedding. I would love to feel beautiful and have my son be proud to call me his mother on his very special day. Can you please consider me for the show.

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