Duane Lee Chapman returns to “Dog The Bounty Hunter”


UPDATE: A&E cancels Dog the Bounty Hunter

It’s been the talk the Dog The Bounty Hunter fan base and Twitter-verse for months: Has Dog’s eldest son, Duane Lee Chapman, finally abandoned the family, the bounty-hunting business and the much-loved A&E series for good, after a previous close call two years ago?

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In case you missed Wednesday night’s episode, Greed Is Good, the answer is no.

Without fanfare or explanation, Duane Lee’s back like he never left — a big relief, especially for fans who never quite got over the abrupt departure of Timothy Chapman, the only Da Kine Bail Bonds Bounty hunter not directly related to the Dog, whose 2009 legal woes led to his departure from the show. Best guess for Duane Lee’s absence is that he was handcuffed by love, a theory augmented by photos and info on his Facebook page.

Legal woes for the Da Kine clan surface again in this Wednesday’s all-new episode, Tears for Fears, which addresses the March 2011 arrest of Dog’s only bounty hunting daughter, Baby Lyssa Chapman — an event that reduces her dad to tears.

Dog The Bounty Hunter airs Wednesday nights at 10/9pm CT on A&E.

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  1. Is Duane Lee, Jr. going to be on the “Dog” show on CMT? The show is nothing without him!!!!!
    Dog and Beth have got to remember that they have done more for her children and the children from their relationship than they ever did for any of his other children.
    I know “Dog” cannot make up for his years of not seeing his children, but getting a 16 year old a I am not sure an SUV for her birthday. How many thousands of dollars did that cost? Did he buy one for Duane Lee, Jr., Leland, Lyssa, and the rest of his children that he had with his other relationships? I DON’T BELIEVE HE DID!!!!!!!!! I believe that is showing partiality!!!!
    Come on Dog you claim to love your children so much why not treat them equally?
    I am sorry if this upsets you or Beth but this is the way that I feel.
    I watch your old shows and skim through nearly 100% of your new shows. I know that you are trying to do good but how about your children? I have a child that will not have anything to do with me and believe me it hurts like HELL!!!!! I am 72 years old and would love to have a relationship with my child but I fear that it might be to late; so at least extend yourself to your other children. Even if they don’t respond at least you know that you have tried.



  2. I enjoy the family and the good things that they do for our country. Beth is awesome and the various relationships are interesting. I am so glad to have found your show again. Good luck! I hope the family all gets things going well.

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